@ThomasWic's thread on how to make a Toot thread is up on the QuodVerum YouTube channel.

Thanks for making this Thomas. I've seen a few here struggling with it.

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic

Thanks for the, "heads up", Eileen! Great job Thomas! I really love this idea. Your videos are the reference tools that I can look back on whenever I forget how to do something on here. Given the fact that my illness affects my memory at times, this is truly a personal blessing. I can't thank you enough for your help.

@Montchelle @ThomasWic

You're welcome. I saw a few people were doing individual Toots one night and asked Thomas to make a video so we had a tool to use to help people.
Kind soul that he is, he did one for us.

I would think that learning with a bit of Thomas' humor sprinkled in will be an enjoyable experience.

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic

He did an excellent job! I understood what he said, therefore, if I can understand... Lol!! 😉


He just happens to be an excellent teacher among many of his talents.

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