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For those that are interested, there will be a presentation before the AZ Senate & House members next Tuesday related to the ballot harvesting findings.

Nearly unbelievable except for the fact that it happened in CA and a city named Berkeley.

This is the story of a 19-year old genius at UC Berkeley who was shot in the back of the head execution style in 2020 while he was walking alone at night.

HIGHLY recommend this interview, starts at 8:13 mark.

Background info on 2000 Mules, the data that went into it, what's happening today and what the future holds.

Based on this interview, Phillips' team will be releasing some explosive evidence even bigger than the discoveries presented in 2000 Mules. I can only imagine what this will entail.

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I don't know where Durham is going.

But having Pientka, Tash and Baker under oath admitting they knew Susmann was lying, and Mook admitting Hillary greelighted the hoax is priceless.

If only they could have made Sullivan explain why he peddled the Slate story pretending to be surprised...

There will be 2-4 indictments before August.

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Top SF high school sees record spike in failing grades after dropping merit-based admission system...

"Of the 620 first-year students admitted through the lottery, nearly one in four (24.4%) received at least one letter grade of D or F in the said semester, according to internal records obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. This marks a triple increase from 7.9% in fall 2020 and 7.7% in fall 2019."

Her TED talk is very interesting.

"In this thoughtful talk, learn more about ideas for burial (like "recomposting" and "conservation burial") that return our bodies back to the earth in an eco-friendly, humble and self-aware way."

Just some info if you're not familiar with this young lady.
Caitlin Doughty is a funeral director and owner of Clarity Funerals & Cremation in Los Angeles.

Her YouTube channel covers a wide area of death situations and she's very informative.

More info on her website:

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No cell phones back then. Radio reported officer down and police families were beside themselves including my Mom. I was too young to understand what was going on.

Dad said motorcade cops uniforms were spattered much like Jackie's suit. No doubt JFK was dead.

Dad said bringing Oswald up through where Ruby could get to him was against protocol. Dallas was trying to show they got the assassin. In their effort to show the world, they left an opening for Ruby to kill him.

There is information in this video that I've never heard about the disposition of President Kennedy's body after he was shot in Dallas. Very informative & respectfully delivered.

Commonsense editorial from WSJ. Yes, really.

"We are fated to have another debate on gun control because half of American politics will insist on it. By all means have at it. But anyone who thinks gun laws will end mass shootings in America isn’t paying attention to the much larger problem of mental illness and the collapse of cultural guardrails."

The girl explained she wasn't hurt and the blood was from her best friend 'Amerie.' It was then that Angel realized the blood he was looking at came from his own daughter.

He later found out that she was among those who died.

Angel Garza, whose daughter was killed, was handcuffed after trying to run into the school when he heard that a 'girl called Amerie' had been shot.

Garza later told his heartbreaking story to Anderson Cooper.

He explained that when he arrived on the scene he tried to help a young girl covered in blood, because he is a trained medic.

McConnell instructed Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to work with Democrats to try to get an outcome that is **directly related** to the problem"

"this is not an excuse to infringe the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens; doing that will do nothing to fix tragedies like this"

“There are a lot of agents who saw some pretty terrible things.”

“A gunshot wound to a child is really traumatic — not just to Border Patrol, but any medic who went in,” said a senior federal law enforcement official familiar with the investigation into the attack. “You don’t get over that in a few days. Those are wounds that stick with you.”

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Wednesdays, we have hour long interviews with the folks that actually DO something.

We started with Geoffrey Van Orden and last was Hermann Tertsch.

We are fundraising for the Gold Institute as well.

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The exodus continues.

EL AL, the Israeli flag carrier moves operations from New York to Miami and HQ from NYC to Broward Co., FL.

Bah-bye New York and Long Island, Hello Margate!

Hundreds of hiring going on.

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