Tired of listening to friends/family bitch about the "results".

Only one of my coworkers seems to have the brains to understand that Trump probably let this happen on purpose.

I channeled a bit of the brains Saul and Thomas gave me, and we both tried to think up reasons as to why this had to happen. 1/


1: Undeniable proof that our elections are vulnerable

2: A frenzied demand for greater election oversight

3: A very necessary change to how we conduct elections

Now this was rough and we came up with these 2 in about 5 minutes right before break, but it has proved to me it's not difficult to see why this had to take place, all you need is common sense and a couple minutes of thinking. But now it has me wondering as to why conservatives seemed to panic and instantly lose hope within DAYS


If a couple minutes of thought between me and a guy who's a begrudging Trump supporter ( he was pushed right due to the insanity of the left) is all it takes to see even just a little of Trump's plan, it pisses me off to no end that this hasn't become a position many are willing to accept. Thomas was right. Way too many people underestimate Trump and think he's a chump who's been outsmarted by the fucking Kamalaeon and a tired old man who's mentally decaying before our eyes. 3/

I'm not exactly bringing anything particularly new to the table considering Thomas and Saul have both talked about these things since the "magic" vote reversals in key states, but if a couple of warehouse workers can grasp this concept, that means this shit isn't rocket science to at the very least, understand. Yet everytime I scroll down the comments on certain political videos it's all doomer nonsense and "Trump has been put in check by the Democrats" 4/

Anyone who shows optimism and says "This is part of a grander strategy by Trump" is instantly shot down, almost like reflex by others with completely defeatist mindsets. It's sickening. The mainstream media that we've called lairs and snakes for the past 4 years have suddenly become the arbiters of truth when they say "Biden is president" and many are seemingly willing to just roll over and accept it. I don't know if this is a relic of the GOP attitude before Trump, but it's ridiculous. 5/

Done ranting, just wanted to explain how easy it is to grasp the plan, then lay out my frustrations with defeatist nitwits who are mentally weaker than Kamala when she's presented a man in power and an opportunity to move up.

Hats off to Wictor and Saul (and REX) for fighting day and night through the thick quagmire of BS that is attempting to explain to the weak willed how this will make Trump come back STRONGER, because after just a few days I'm about an inch from popping a gasket. 6/6

@El_jefe It's not that I doubt Trump. It's that I doubt the people who are NOT Trump.

Forgive me, I do not trust the PA GOP, GA GOP, VA GOP, WI GOP, SCOTUS, and ALL of the Republican state legislators to do the right thing. I don't. Trump and his family (I consider Giuliani and Grenell unofficial Trump members) are the only ones I feel like will consistently do the right thing.

(MI GOP are not on the list cause they've been on fucking fire)

@JesusofSuburbia Whether you trust the state level GOP, courts and senators is irrelevant. What matters is trusting Trump, and understanding that come hell or high water, Trump will be the man in the white house. Think of it as the 2018 purge of the nevertrumpers, 2020 Edition. Those who don't support him will be dragged kicking and screaming into the new age, or they can be thrown into a cell to rot with the rest of those who would see our beautiful republics light snuffed from this earth.

@El_jefe He went golfing today. This backs up your whole thread.

@Joycevor @El_jefe did you see him doing pics with the wedding party - off the scale awesome - he is truly the opposite of what the corporate media portrays him as


Getting deprogrammed from the cult mindset of the left that most people have been immersed in since birth is no joke.

The very strong and lucky have been able to do it themselves. Others need a hand and some will merely switch over when a critical mass has been reached.

I said years ago that when the break comes lots of people will lose their minds and become completely unable to cope. When that time comes we would need to help them. We need to win this battle first.


I listen to tons of political podcasts and up until recently I would also listen to people on the left. One thing that the right and left have in common is that they are tethered to a left-dominated shared vision.

Breaking away from the left dominated shared vision is incredibly difficult. I'm 5 years in on my departure and I still catch myself holding viewpoints that are components of that vision which I know are false and contradict my current understanding.

People are reeling.

@mrbungle @El_jefe What we listen to and watch affects our mental health and mood as much as what we eat affects our mood and health. I've been very selective as to what media I take in. I gave away my tv.

@El_jefe Great thread. DJT is a strategic thinker. He is fighting a 3-front war: The Deep State/corruption, Globalism, and the propagandists (media/big-tech). Unlike the conventional “piecemeal” approach, he is doing it simultaneously. Here is his end-state (IMO): An honest and impartial press, a free AND fair market, and a corruption-free government. A tall order indeed.

@RangerJohn @El_jefe

I think he's also aiming to cut the leftists off from the Democrats. Leaving the Democrats intact and making the leftists the pariahs they deserve to be.

He's giving sane Democrats a bridge to retreat across, repudiate leftism and come back into the fold. Straight up Sun Tzu.

Which when he pulls it off will be the most spectacular, total and bloodless victory in all of human history. Political or military.


1. I understand where you are coming from.
We cannot turn our backs on this because it's hard and unpleasant. DJT has not turned his back! Our forefathers would much have preferred peace, but they did not turn their backs.

"You’re nothing but a great big coward,” Dorothy said sternly to the cowardly lion when she first met him in the woods with the Scarecrow and the Tin Man."

Courage is all about the heart.


"The root of the word courage is “cor” which is the Latin word for heart. In its original form the word meant to “speak one’s mind while telling all one’s heart.”

Courage is an inside job. Courage requires us to look deep within our soul, to be uncomfortable, and to make a heart decision.
We can put up all kinds of symbols in our offices or homes that remind us to be more courageous. Ultimately though, it comes down to our core, our heart, and a willingness to face our fears."


I suppose our job is to encourage and lift up those who are feeling very shaken and get them to think rather than feel.

We were warned many years ago that freedom is never free. Just as our forefathers sacrificed enormously for us; now it is our turn.

Will we answer the call?

Here is a beautiful piece of music you may enjoy and God bless you.



Very well laid out, Mr. Dorn. I could not agree more. 🇺🇸

@El_jefe The worst part of it is, all the ones wringing their hands with woe are missing the greatest show on earth. It's so much healthier to be happy!

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