Everyone walks around with packs on their backs...what the hell is in those packs that is so important. Have never seen the need to have a pack in everyday life. Military, hunting, school, I can see it.

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Please take good care of yourself and your family. If anyone deserves a night off it is you dear Saul.
We will put the word out.

I was watching 60 minutes tonight. One segment was about the problems in Isreal regarding the current administration and the Israeli courts. Have zero trust in the 60 minutes reporting. So, can someone direct me to honest unbiased information regarding this situation in Israel.

A new word has appeared in the WOKE lexicon recently on the internet....You don't die or be killed, now you are DELIFED. Just so stupid.

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When there is another attack on America such as 9/11, it will come sometime during the Biden Administration. They are not worried about Biden and his group of fools.

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How can we solve the homeless/crime problems in Democratic Cities and once the border is secured, return the illegals now in the U.S. to their home countries. I would not count on flipping these cities and states to Republican control? Suspect that any actions to solve these problems will be in the courts for years.

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It is a funny thing how that is always the case.
For thee, not for me..... Usually because the many letters that follow their name show how much smarter they are.. 🤔

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Kevin Costner wins ugly child support battle with estranged wife Christine Baumgartner: Judge slashes sum she receives for their three children in HALF to $63,000 a month dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1 #dailymail #news

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Yapping With Saul:

Legal Pornography, Trump and Liberty

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live interaction with viewers.

Today, we start with the absurd charges against Citizen Donald J. Trump, and why their absurdity should not diminish our conception of their dangerous character. A handful of legal eunuchs have brought this country closer to losing its essence than any event in the past 250 years.

Be concerned. Your own Liberty is at stake.

Thursday, LIVE
9:30pm Eastern


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@Debradelai mentioned yesterday that 90% of our readers missed something

Found this today to rectify the problem

So let me see if I understand. You can extort money from someone but you must report the money on your taxes. Your taxes are confidential thus cannot be used to initiate a criminal investigation against you, so you are free to continue...unless you are discovered extorting money from another source other than your taxes.
So if I blackmail someone, as long as I report the money on my taxes, I'm home free.

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Beard Blather 182

"General Decay"

Joseph Robinette Decay, that is.

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss whatever comes to their minds.

Saturday, LIVE
11:00pm Eastern / 8:pm Pacific


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Beard Blather

"General Decay"

Saturday, 11:00pm Eastern

Details to follow.


Last night on Beard Blather, Thomas painted the State of Wisconsin with a wide brush regarding feelgood police enforcement. Granted Madison and Milwaukee are the hot beds of Socislism and Corruption, but not most of Wisconsin. Thomas, come to Wisconsin and I'll show you a wonderful State less the two previous hellholes that I mentioned.

More and more it seems Biden and his crime family are being encircled and very soon they will have no where to turn. What happens then seems to be a question with good answer for anyone, including our Country!

Just read an article that states that Maui, Hawaii wants to go all green and only electric cars will be allowed. My question is, where is the electricity needed for Maui going to come from...solar panels and wind farms?
When is common sense ever going to return?

Did Odysee go down. Have been unable to open a link for the last few hours.

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