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I think Trump did exactly what he wanted by announcing his possible arrest on Tuesday. He has put that DA on the defensive, brought the matter to public attention with a committee of Congress and the Governor of Florida becoming involved. This may turn out to be a huge political win for Trump.

I understand the totally corrupt political class and their desire to emulate former socialist leaders... But do they have to be so stupid.

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馃槀 馃ぃ 馃槀
Stephen L. Miller

Genuine question, does he know what year this is?
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Geraldo Rivera

Chris Christie could be the strongest GOP alternative for POTUS; savvy, swagger, moderation, toughness

Only when Biden faces prosecution for his crimes will his lawyers submit that Biden has dementia and does not remember anything nor understand what is going on, thus cannot be put on trial.
Till then he is fit to run the Country.

When and if the financial walls of the Biden crime family come tumbling down, which Biden will take the fall for the family....? Joe won't, that's a guarantee.

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Is there a way to edit or remove a toot that you screwed up to the point of embarrassment?

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With the over the top reaction by the Biden Administration...100% return of investments of clients of the two banks and a Presidential speech, could the situation be much much worse than we know. Crypto Currency, the Bond Market, Higher Interest Rates and new social directives as being Woke, etc. have they caused a systemic weakening of bank portfolios.

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It looks more and more like the Diversity Hires in Biden's banking regulators where playing hookie.

What was SVB doing playing roulette with its reserves?

Really? They paid themselves bonuses on the way out?


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From 80 to 1,000 in a year and nobody cared to look.

What goes up fueled by hot air must crash down.

Oh, yes. THIS is a crash. Not a 2% fluctuation in markets.

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If the Fed pauses their interest rate hikes now we'll know two things:

1. They were full of shit all along.

2. They still don't get this is not 1940.

I read that there have been over 200 bank failures this past year. Did the clients of those banks receive their total losses back, or only those amounts insured by the FDIC?

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