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@KurtSchlichter: "Assume anyone advocating 'civil war' or violence of any kind is a plant hoping you will help support the left's narrative."


Going to be a great VIP Room tomorrow night. Between now and then, things will change.

Garland is nothing more than a petulant little pussy!

Regarding the raid on Trump's home. He always outsmarts them. I have to believe he though this might happen. Let's sit back and watch this unfold.

This will be all BS charges but they want the photos of Trump in handcuffs. This will all backfire on them. They must be terrified of Trump getting reelected. This must be so much worse than we even know.
I smell Obama all over this. Now we know why the Director of the FBI had to leave town so quickly.
Never in the history of this Country has the FBI raided the home of a former president.
Let's see how this plays out.

Ever since Olivia Newton John danced in the movie Grease, dressed in tight leather pants, my world has never been the same.

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As the situation in Iran, Iraq and the region is growing ever more volatile, the need for the U.S. to better engage and arm our friends in Kurdistan. Yesterday I had the opportunity to engage in meetings with senior Kurdish leaders and end the day over drinks.

Here I am with Peshmerga Chief of Staff LTG Issa Ozeir (Kurdistan's equivalent of our "Chairman of Joint Cheifs of Staff")

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Thomas Sowell Quotes
Some people seem to think that the Supreme Court has banned abortions. It has done nothing of the sort.

If you did not watch Quads Get Gold last night you really missed one of the most important discussions concerning Iraqi and the US. The truth of what happened and what is happening will amaze you. What you know now will be turned upside down. Take an hour and watch it!

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Brittney Griner found guilty with intent to store and use illegal drugs in Russia, is sentenced to 9 years. The prosecution asked for 9 1/2.

When in Rome, Brittney (but when in Greece, drink the hemlock - like a good little girl).

In a foreign country? OBEY THEIR DAMNED LAWS.


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While you may have heard the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, or even watched this video PLEASE watch it again.


An argument could be made that China is in decline. Reasons being, the ramifications of the One Child Policy, decline in population, economic and financial problems, and a corporate/government mindset that does not stress innovation.
Historically, countries in this situation become belligerent and aggressive militarily. And, how strong is XI politically?
Invading Taiwan would be a disaster for China but could their situation today cause them to blunder into an invasion?

I read in only one place that the SOH removed Taiwan from her Asia trip. Is this true?

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@saramangas @Mnorman @Joycevor @Exodus1949

What's distasteful to elites about Trump's personality is that he speaks and presents like a normal American alpha male.

Last night BB cause me to think about Obama and government corruption.
Most Organizations (government in this case) become corrupt when the leadership realizes the power they have. Then the organization becomes completely corrupt when those same leaders realize that their power allows them to enrich themselves.
Obama didn't corrupt government agencies, as the corruption was already there. Obama was smart enough to coalesce this corruption into a power base that he could use, and use he did.

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This past week GIIS hosted a briefing at the National Press Club regarding Iran's influence in Iraq, the Kurdistan region viewed live by more than 7100 around the globe. I am eager to hear your comments.

Speakers Include:
Neil W. McCabe, Senior Media Fellow, Gold Institute
Victoria Coates, Former Deputy of National Security Adviser, Trump Administration
Entifadh Qanbar, President, Future Foundation
Nahro Zagros, Senior Fellow, Gold Institute


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Beard Blather 126

"Transitioning To Orwell"

Thomas Wictor and Saul Montes-Bradley discuss whatever comes to their minds.

LIVE, Saturday 30 July 2022

11:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Pacific


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you know, if you disagreed with trump on a pick or two, that's one thing, but this dude just has TDS now.

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