Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all of the great people on QuodVerum Forum!

I was out having dinner last night in a busy NYC restaurant, and one thing I noticed was the supposed impeachment was not being discussed at all. I think most people feel that the whole process was so unbelievably stupid, that it's a non-issue. They know it won't really happen.

I hope I get a chance in my lifetime to vote for Rep. Matt Gaetz to be President.

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Schiff gets Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani's phone records & won’t say how!

SCOTUS ruled cell phone records “hold for many Americans the ‘privacies of life’” & should be PROTECTED under 4th Amend!

2018–SCOTUS ruled in FAVOR of 4th saying, “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers & effects.”

Violating rights, Schiff got phone records for Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Devin Nunes & Derek Harvey’s phone records.

Schiff declined to say how House obtained phone records.

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In the 40 years + that I've been following the actions and words of politicians I have never witnessed a more mendatious, asinine and duplicitous presentation as the disgraceful press conference by Pelosi and ChichenSchiff today.

No, assholes. It is never the responsibility of the accused to "exonerate himself."

Drop on your knees and thank the stars the founding fathers are not around to deal with you as they dealt with your kind 2 1/2 centuries ago.

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She's a Somali.

Read Black Hawk Down. The Somali culture revolves around murder, drug abuse, and failure.

But they're proud of their failure. That's why Omar is trying to make the US like Somalia.

The Somalis use children as human shields. Think about the cowardice and moral depravity.

Some cultures are just not a good mix. Omar needs to go back to Somalia, where corruption, hate, and failure reign.

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1. Sir Kim Darroch - new leak : 'Trump nixed Iran Deal to spite Obama'.

This guy is a total moron. The entire GOP Senate opposed the Iran Deal, as did much of the population.

Tearing it up was one of Trump's key election platforms.

But I've no doubt Sir Kim believed his own BS. Like most globalist progs, he's an arrogant ignoramus, with no understanding of Trump at all.

So who is the leaker? Might be wrong, but here's my take:

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FANTASTIC piece on the failure of leftist progressivism, the engine room of Obama's Democratic Party.

Its core philosophy of emancipation was hijacked by Obama and as we see 24/7, it has run out of steam.

All the progs have left is endless melodrama, eg Seth Abramson.

Money quote : 'the main reason for this failure is the simple fact that liberalism has been and remains exclusive, elitist, and ultimately disempowering for everyone except the elites that promote it.'

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I took this is 2014, when leftists on Twitter started attacking me in waves.

It freaked them out.

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NIAC, 's DC-based lobby, was founded by Trita Parsi at Zarif's orders.

NIAC enjoys close relations with Codepink.

Codepink has close ties with Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

America, please take this warning seriously.

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It turns out Boehner was right in removing this POS from committees because of his their "inability to work with other members."

This is the kind of shit that lurkes behind the "Liberty Causus" and, to a somewhat lesser degree, the "Freedom Caucus."

Corrupt co0llectivists pretending to be Libertarians undermining the Republican Caucus (and Trump) at every step.
Why his sudden outburst?

His family's business in China.

For this "Christian" camel trader, that takes precedent over our nation.

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Mediocrity of thought is lethal.

And agonizingly boring.


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1. The Trump Effect.

What used to be frightening, isn't anymore.

In this case, sabre rattling by Iran's clownish mullahs.

'By the Grace of Allah, we will smite the Evil Satan and rain fire on their armies!'

'Mohammed has blessed us with a missile that can destroy an entire navy!'

Under Obama - 'we are doomed! also, it's our fault! Quick, surrender!'

Under Trump - 'YAWN. STFU, losers.'

Know what I mean?

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2. Do you know what Durham's nickname at DOJ is?


Reminder : John Durham was a key member of Rudy Giuliani's take down of the 5 Families, in particular the Genovese family.

This guy is a relentless, super aggressive crime fighter. Whoever is involved in the Trump/Russia lie is SCREWED.

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@radiofreedan @flappdoodle @RonOgletree @Jackie @Debradelai

I had 143,000 followers on Twitter.

Only 1 percent came here.

Most people are addicted to impotent bitching and negativity.

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