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I would caution everyone...again.

Two days ago we hit the Taliban the hardest we ever have.

Today we carried out the first carpet bombing since the Vietnam War.

Bolton's departure is almost certainly a rabbit for everyone to chase while we carry out the military operations that Bolton was advocating.


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We saw their playbook with the Kavanaugh nomination.

OPED: I was raped by whoever Trump picks to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court


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Frankly, I'm sick of the endless bitching and the apparently permanent inability to see the big picture.

Go ahead and be outraged.

Trump is delivering in a way that no president ever has.

If that's not good enough for you, there's nothing I can say to change your mind.


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Coddling crazy people isn't humane either. Sane people who support letting crazy people run amok need to be mocked. Crazy people need compassionate care by professionals in institutions.

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But here’s something you probably haven’t heard: there are more honeybee colonies in the United States today than there were when colony collapse disorder began in 2006. In fact, according to data released in March by the Department of Agriculture, U.S. honeybee-colony numbers are now at a 20-year high. And those colonies are producing plenty of honey: U.S. honey production is also at a 10-year high.
The national pollination strategy is a solution in search of a crisis.


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The kabuki continues. It has to be this way.

Kabuki and confusion save lives. I don't like to see mass death, especially if we're fighting an army of draftees who have crappy equipment and no training.

If we don't have to kill them, we shouldn't.

The goal is to create goodwill. We can't create goodwill if we slaughter huge numbers of young men.

I approve of strategic confusion.

It's altruistic, and the world can't have too much altruism.


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@ThomasWic @Debradelai @REX @drawandstrike
I have never seen Scott Adams lose his temper & he rarely swears.
Meet BASED Scott Adams who lost s Stepson to Fentanyl & backs Trump's Trade War 100%

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If you're a Judas goat, you're going to be CONVINCING.

Scaramucci supported Hillary and Obama, and he called Trump a divisive hack in 2015. He also opposed the border wall and the travel ban.

But Trump HAND PICKED HIM as Assistant to the President, Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs, and White House Communications Director.

Scaramucci is without question a Judas goat.

Probably the best ever.

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@EarlThePearls @holymolyrocky

Sandoval is the one in the toothpaste-colored shirt.

He obviously spends all day eating deep-fried lard.

Enjoy the 2020 Trump landslide, amigo!

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Watson's video on the biggest Dim controlled shithole in the US, California.

Behold ... the Los Angeles.

He's done his homework on this one. It's filled with stats like the 75% homeless increase of those that cannot afford to live here since 2012.

The rise of medieval diseases like Typhus and Bubonic Plague. Crime at unprecedented levels due to legislation not allowing for prosecutions.


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We can either face reality, or we can continue to allow the drug-addicted mentally ill to continue to commit ever-increasingly violent crimes.


Except for crime committed by the violently mentally ill.

The answer is easy.

It's not about "criminalizing mental illness."

It's preventing the mentally ill from committing crimes.


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ALL our serious prisons are hell on earth. Inmates kill themselves and each other all the time.

Watch this guy's videos.

Most serious prisons may as well have no guards.


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I'm thinking in doing a streaming video interview with @GenFlynn for "Buy Mike a Beer Friday" down the road.

It will include questions from you, real time.

I think we can raise $20,000 if we put our minds to it.

Am I crazy?

If you think it can be done, let @GenFlynn know.

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Think about how utterly crazy this story is.

The "man" got pregnant. So "he" is still having sex with men.

Therefore "he" is gay.


It's not up to society to accommodate these self-negating declarations.

"I'm a pregnant man! Why couldn't you see that?"

Because we're not insane.


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"Anthony Scaramucci says Trump is in nuclear meltdown mode — and he couldn’t keep quiet any longer"

This is just more rotten meat being throw to the fake news media by another Trump judas goat.

Fake news will once again eat it up and then puke later.


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Also, what could Epstein offer besides names?

You need EVIDENCE, not just names.

The investigators have all the evidence.

The state of New York, the FBI, and the Inspector General will investigate Epstein's death.

If it's homicide, they'll see it immediately.

And if it's homicide, they'll find the murderer immediately.

Cernovich is an idiot. He's embarrassing.


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