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Democrats are falling right into Trump's trap.

He is a master of puppets.

The Democrats look utterly toxic and anti-American.

Behold Charles McGee.

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Another thing.

May I suggest that all of you on twatter place a hashtag, on your profile.

We are a special group, after all. Would be nice to give each other a high 5 as we wreak havoc on Jack.

I will be using the hashtag and it will be a great way to increase QV tooters here, as well.

Will let you know my new name when I get started.

cc Saul @Debradelai

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Treason? Ilhan Omar Gives Iran Military Advice, Suggests It Could Target Trump Hotels


"The inspiringly patriotic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Tehran, no, check that, I’m hearing she’s from Minnesota) tweeted Monday offering some unsolicited military advice to the Islamic Republic of Iran: ..."

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To all the new ones out there.

Using Social Quodverum is free.

Running and operating it...isn't.

Please help with the costs. A couple of lattes per month will do.


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Think about THIS:

I never thought anyone could make me lose interest in Israel.

But Jewish people and Israelis managed to do it.

A person can take a storm of insane hate for only so long.


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But I know that the best thing I ever did was to stop chasing things I could never have.

THAT was part of the process of finding God.


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Yamamoto ACTUALLY said this:

"Gentlemen, we have just kicked a rabid dog."

So be a rabid dog.

I am.


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@redwhitebluedude @HunDriverWidow

In 2017, the USS Jimmy Carter carried out two combat missions in the Pacific.

The Carter inserts special-operations troops.

The Jolly Roger represents a successful combat operation.

We did something to the Chinese.

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The North Koreans are distracting from everything that's being done to the Iranian mullahs.

This of course has a strategic purpose, and it allows North Korea to eventually do as we ask, after insulting the hell out of us.

It also keep the Chinese off balance.

We released military aid to Lebanon because something changed.

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This is a brilliant strategy.

Thousands of soldiers and internal-security troops are mixed in with the protestors.

These trained men give advice and defend without resorting to massive violence.

The GOAL is to get the entire country on board AND to avoid a civil war.

It's going to work. Have no doubt.

Of course this will take longer, but they want to do it right.

Be strong. Iran will be free.


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I hated Norway, and Norwegians hated me.

But not as much as they hate Jews.


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I don't make a distinction between murderous naked mud-headed bird-chirping savages and those who can't perceive Trump clearly.

They're all pathetic pudknockers to me, and I've written them off.

It's time to return to rationality.

Trump is not inexplicable. He's the most explicable politician in human history.

The people who don't get him are the problem.


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That's where I am.

If people don't want to eat, they can fall down. I honestly don't care.

But I do see the value in doctors who force spoons down the throats of people too stupid to care for themselves.

Trump is such a doctor.

We're lucky we have him.


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Look how much Conan loved Vice President Mike Pence.

Dog's instinctively know good people.

So sweet.

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