We now have 2 mosques in our 35,000 population community just outside a larger city...this is what is called a nest city.

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Ignorant students need to stop taking our constitutional rights into their own hands and trashing them.

Watch young punk- never protects his face...old guy sizes him up and takes the easy shot. Boom!

The Odessa Shooter's name is Seth Ator, a Democrat Socialist who had
a Beto sticker on his truck.
Won'[t be hearing much from MSM

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And what rightly puts any of this options to bed, is that NONE of them are worth the daily attacks by the media.

The only way someone survives such continuous assault is if they believe they are on a quest seeking something greater.

The source of energy to say constantly “you are fake news”, is a deep seated knowledge that your are right and staring down a vile enemy.

Watch any video with Nobel laureate Milton Friedman. He speaks with calmness and confidence as he espouses free enterprs

When will these 'journalists' realize they are being fed false information from 'sources' for the sole purpose of making fools of them and rendering them totally irrelevant.
Trump slams Washington Post over report on pardons fxn.ws/2ZuzD7Z

Chanel...what happened?

Transgender Model Teddy Quinlivan the New Face of Chanel Beauty bit.ly/345Iq3I via @BreitbartNews

\Seattle Officials Can't Agree on How to Remove Human Crap from Sidewalks - Councilman Argues Power Washers are Racist, Since Hoses Used Against Blacks in Past thegatewaypundit.com/2019/08/s via @gatewaypundit

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On the International stage...

Teases Boris UK about tariffs ("Whatta 'bout the last 3 years?" and "What happened to ENGLAND?")

Lavishes Macron with hugs and kisses, but opposes all of his proposals.

Uses his Presser on the International stage to SLAM Obama and trigger Barack Groupies; revive "muh' Russia; and outlines his $$$ LOSSES compared with Obama/Hillary Government provided wealth.

Boycotts Climate and Hate Crime Virtue Conf.

Forces Acosta to bleat again.

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While tending to one of his customer’s lawns, Rodney Green, owner of Green Lawn Maintenance in Moody, Alabama, noticed that a police car was always parked in the next door neighbor’s driveway in the middle of the day.

After seeing the police car a few times, he decided to leave a note in the mailbox.

When Sgt. Reece Smith of Moody Police Department came home, he found the note in his mailbox.

He was so moved he shared the note on Facebook.


Is this the abomination standing in the holy place? Matt14:15
Correction: Election 2020-Buttigieg-Religion story apnews.com/bf10ec40db0b407f85a

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