Guns, mental illness, drugs, and laws.

Makell L. Meyerin of Spring Grove, Illinois.

Heroin addict from the age of 14. She had a long arrest record, included felony burglary, for which she was sentenced 5 years.

Makell's mother said the only time she heard of her daughter was when she was on the news for committing another crime.

On May 23, 2018, in Antioch, Lake County, Illinois, Makell and her boyfriend were going door to door, asking for money.

When the cops were called, they sped away, and Makell fired at the cops with a Beretta Cx4 Storm Tactical Carbine.

Was it legal for her to have it?

Why no! It wasn't!

Makell and her boyfriend got away and then stole a Prius and overdosed in it.

The cops were called AGAIN, and Makell led them on a chase.

This is the video. She didn't survive, but the video isn't gruesome.

Makell's mother said the only time her violent career-criminal daughter was sober was when she was...incarcerated.

Her autopsy showed that she was full of opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, fentanyl, heroin, and buprenorphine.

So: Drug laws failed and gun laws failed.

In fact the entire criminal justice system failed.

What's the only thing that would've worked?

A long sentence in a state psychiatric hospital.

Makell L. Meyerin --all by herself--create two enormous crime scenes.

The cops said they'd never had a situation in which someone had fired a long gun at officers in two entirely separate places.

And THIS thing is a pistol converted to a tactical carbine.

For mass shootings, it's BETTER than an AR-15.

We can either face reality, or we can continue to allow the drug-addicted mentally ill to continue to commit ever-increasingly violent crimes.


Except for crime committed by the violently mentally ill.

The answer is easy.

It's not about "criminalizing mental illness."

It's preventing the mentally ill from committing crimes.


@ThomasWic Early in the video when the cop was approaching the car, he knew they had probably overdosed. Guess that knowledge is common now for LEOs as it happens daily. Got me thinking. In my opinion, narcan should only be used for LEOs & EMTs who have to deal with this crap. Why use it on anyone who will continue to use drugs and very possibly cause harm to the first responders willing to save them.

@EarlThePearls I realize that.
This video shows something all too common now, going on in this country. And it infuriates me that junkies like this can be brought back from the brink of death just to do it again.


You never know what is a person's bottom.

Maybe this use of narcan will be the one that takes.

Took me 10 years to quit.

Sure glad no one gave up on me


@EarlThePearls I'm thrilled that you kicked it. Sorry if I'm irritating you, Earl. Not my intention. I'm going thru a rough patch myself the last few days; feeling down and a bit frustrated. This is my issue, not yours. Peace.

@Baline No worries - My comments are not addressed to you specifically.

General Comment:

I have noticed in general lately that some people seem to think killing folks for whatever small reason is fine.

If one goes armed, one needs to figure out the level at which you will kill a person

I assume if one carries, one is prepared to kill, yes?

@EarlThePearls not necessarily. I think there are armed folks who carry just in case and have decided ahead of time that if firing their weapon is required, they will aim to maim.

@Baline @EarlThePearls

Extremely dangerous idea. People move, dodge, rush victim. How can one aim to maim. Don’t ever draw a weapon unless you intent to shoot to kill. There is no other reason to shoot. If your life is in danger, or if you’re fearful for your life, you defend yourself, using every action or skill you possess. Don’t apologize. This is a life or death situation.

@Victoria99654 Okay, I've been trying to let this go but it seems that the context was missed. I think Earl's 'General Comment' was more figurative than literal.
I could be wrong, that was just my take and why I replied to him exactly as I did.


@Baline @Victoria99654

The conversation has moved into how to use a gun.

Use of narCan on the folks who od just because they know they will be resuscitated is a valid concern.

The draw of Heroin is strong.

You need more as time goes by.

I hope you pass through your rough patch soon!

Sending positive thoughts your way

@EarlThePearls Thank you, Earl. You are very kind. It's temporary, my patience and faith cup is empty, so I will manually refill it from the well that is SQV. I wish you continued health and happiness. ☺️


@Baline @Victoria99654

I will send you a tiny mustard seed. My faith that things will work out is strong today. I would like to give some of it to you

@EarlThePearls seed received and it just filled my cup of patience and faith to overflowing again! 🤗


Have some warm prayers, respect, regard, appreciation to offer you. And am sending you the peace of simple joys of life... floating in a lake cove... I have nothing better or stupendous to send to you but the calm joy and regard in my soul today.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis your toot is stupendous! 🤗 Thank you for the sweet words and beautiful photo! 👏

@EarlThePearls @Baline
i would hope they are prepared.
if they aint and they brandish, they’ll surely cross someone with a different mindset.
at least around my neck of the woods.

@EarlThePearls @Baline back in the day, a retiring MP taught me: that is not a magic wand. If you unholster said pistol, you'd best be prepared to shoot it. If you do shoot, you had best intend to hit someone. And if your are shooting someone, killing them is an expectable outcome. You can stop anywhere along the way, but these are the expectations
As I've heard it put, waving a gun you don't intend to use _lethally_, is just wasting time you could have used to get away.

@Debradelai @EarlThePearls @Baline
Exactly. All the while making them think "this guy needs a good hurting."

@EarlThePearls I ponder that situation often. I used to think, shoot to maim then escape. My husband has convinced me, if you've pulled your gun the person you are aiming at doesn't care about your life so don't worry about theirs. There's also the thought of retaliation. God forbid the person you've maimed gets a slap on the wrist then comes looking for you. It's a huge decision, one I pray I never have to make. @Baline

@DonnaLea @EarlThePearls @Baline And lawsuits. In my conceal carry class, the instructor said shoot to kill. If they survive they will deny you said you were in fear for your life before firing, or deny the circumstances which show you shot in self defense.

@EarlThePearls @Baline My life. If they're breaking in my house when I am home, I don't think they are there to be nice to me. I have had a home break-in, while I was at work.

@EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

When you said "I assume if one carries, one is prepared to kill, yes?"

and Penn answered "If someone breaks into my home, then yes."

and then you ask her "You personal belongings (not human) are worth killing for?"

I am sorry but this is question isn't spurring on conversation. It more like an assaulting Penn's character.

If a woman is home and someone is breaking into her house, I don't think they would be thinking of their "personal belongings".


What does woman have to do with anything? If someone is breaking into your home you have to determine if your life is in danger or not. One needs to analyze the situation and respond with appropriate levels of force or just get the hell out
@Penn4421 @Baline

@ilumanous @Penn4421 @Baline
This is a personal example. I woke up one night to see somebody up to his waist inside my son's car. Can I shoot the guy?

I chose to put a pair of pants on run out to the car and body slam the door with him in. He managed to get away anyway but I'm sure he hurt like hell the next day.

I could have chosen to do nothing or if I were armed I could have killed him dead what's the right answer?

@EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

Because it was a woman that you asked if her personal belongings (not human) are worth killing for.

Maybe you need to analyze who you are speaking to and respond in kind.

My comments are addressed to ideas more than individuals in discussions like this
@Penn4421 @Baline

@EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

Well... You aren't speaking to personal belongings here, you are speaking to humans.

You know the ones who ARE valuable and worth protecting?

@EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

And leaving your home to go after someone breaking into a car is different than being in your home and having someone breaking into your home.

In your situation they were entering an empty car...

She was saying that she would be prepared to kill if someone was breaking into her home.

Breaking into a home to rob from it and breaking into a car to do the same are both property crimes
@Penn4421 @Baline

In the car situation quite a number of things were recovered by the police later in the morning. It's amazing what people leave in their unlocked vehicles.

As a general educational common in our area Primetime for door handle Bandits is 3 to 5 a.m.

@Penn4421 @Baline

@ilumanous @EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline I would say that if someone is breaking into your house now days if you have a weapon you should be ready to use it. Drug use is now why most people break in and a lot of them are desperate and will kill you for drugs and money.

The automatic response of any individual "I have to kill them because they broke into my home" does not seem right to me

One is never the same after one kills another human being

@Penn4421 @Baline


Earl... Nothing you are saying is justifying what you said.

I it were me, I would just apologize to @Penn4421.

@ilumanous @Penn4421

I don't feel a need to apologize.

You are free to have a different opinion than mine.

Killing a person should be carefully considered before one does it

Stand your ground vs duty to retreat and all that has had volumes written on it.

@EarlThePearls @ilumanous I agree it has to be carefully considered. Not something I would ever want to do. I carefully considered it BEFORE I made the decision to buy my first gun.

@EarlThePearls @ilumanous @Baline Didn't say that Earl. Why would you want to misconstrue this? Question was about gun owner being willing to use deadly force. If someone breaks window, door to get into my home and I alert them that I have a gun and am prepared to use it and then... they keep coming; damned straight I will see that as a mortal threat. Who cares about breaking into a car?

@ilumanous @EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

The thing is, you have to assume if someone is breaking into your house while you are there, they are probably violent and you don't know what they'll do so it's good to be prepared (whatever that means to you).

@Lisa22 @ilumanous @EarlThePearls @Penn4421 @Baline

My CC instructor said we can't shoot somebody just because they are on our property. But yes if that person bends down to pick up something of yours, even as small as a pen. Inside the house, though, it's game over.

@Seedsaver @Lisa22 @ilumanous @Penn4421 @Baline

I found a copy of this while out hunting this weekend.

It probably goes through all of the things we have been discussing.

If someone happens to buy it from me and mentions SQV I will donate $100 to the upkeep of this site

@EarlThePearls @Baline

Nobody thinks that.

You've built an Obama-level straw man.

If you don't want to carry a gun to defend yourself, don't carry a gun.

But don't lie about others' motivations.

Try surviving attempted murder.

It clears the cobwebs from your mind. Believe me.

@ThomasWic @Baline

It's my observation reading comments of people. I don't think the people I am referring to have been in your situation

The replies I have received show that most here have thought that through.

It doesn't bother me one way or the other if one carries a weapon. Just be a responsible person if you do.

I've made it over 6o years without needing one yet. I am fortunate.

Others not so much

@ThomasWic @Baline

Additionally: My toot was as much to spur thought and consideration of the serious nature of weaponry and to get a conversation going as anything.

It worked

@EarlThePearls @ThomasWic @Baline

Accusing a woman of wanting to shoot someone just to protect "personal belongings"... doesn't sound like spurring thought and getting conversation going.

It sounds more like you were being a a wanker.


The dead man shoved this guy so hard that he fell down. Then the dead man stepped forward.

Ever seen what people to those who are lying on the ground?

Drejka pulled his gun, the dead man stepped back, and then Drejka fired.

The whole thing is a clusterf*ck on every level, but it's clear that Drejka didn't carry a pistol in order to shoot people for "whatever small reason."

He was assaulted with great force. Only then did he pull his pistol.

You are deeply dishonest.

@ThomasWic @EarlThePearls

Initiation of violent force (in answer to gestures, words) can easily put someone in fear of their life. That's CODED IN OUR DNA.

And yet, from the video, normative (SHOULDS/OUGHTS) projections are made:

1) What impact initiated violence OUGHT to have on a victim of assault.

2) How quickly (in fractions of seconds) a victim OUGHT to calmly reason that his perpetrator is not really a threat to his life.

3) How the assaulted victim OUGHT to interpret movements.

@ThomasWic @EarlThePearls

My grandfather told me about a neighbor of his who was assaulted by her burglar.

As they wrestled she struggled to get to her gun in a drawer near the front door.

When she succeeded, gun in hand, the burglar fled out the front door.

She emptied six rounds into his back, ran back, reloaded, and continued to scream for help, her gun trained on the bullet-riddled corpse.

To her he was STILL A THREAT; retreat didn't automatically mean that she was safe.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic @EarlThePearls

I think anyone who breaks into someone else's home should be considered to have forfeited their right to live without bullet holes in their body.

@Kambeii @ThomasWic @EarlThePearls

By default they're willfully spinning a roulette wheel, the results of which you, the casino, are not responsible.

@EarlThePearls @Baline

This is why I said you're very passive-aggressive.

"I have noticed in general lately that some people seem to think killing folks for whatever small reason is fine."

Nobody thinks that. It's a ridiculous, deeply insulting straw man.

You're obviously trying to get blocked so that you can wallow in self-pity.

@EarlThePearls @Baline

I carried today. I think you never know until the moment of truth.

@EarlThePearls @Baline

Carrying is a huge responsibility. To say for any small reason is intellectually dishonest. You should know that no one sane has an itchy trigger finger

@EarlThePearls @Baline Earl, you have it backwards- if you assault a stranger, you should know that you could be forfeiting your life.

The problem doesn't stem from people who carry. It stems from people who think they can put their hands on other people.

@EarlThePearls @Baline
I was in it for about 1-2 years. I felt great, was productive & had great relationships with parents & friends but I knew it wasn't sustainable & where it would end. Checked myself in.
I'm super hyper. ADHD. They wanted to put me on a ritalin type drug in the early 70s & my mom was like, no way! (no one knew much about it then)
Anyway, it was ignored, or rather delt with, until they put my brother on Concerta (schd lll speed). That freaked me out. I need to be slowed down

@EarlThePearls @Baline Life is indeed valuable. Narcan has saved many lives. If you have a friend or loved one or know someone who needs a kit, they are readily available at your pharmacy. You can pay cash for them.Earl is correct sometimes it takes many falls before one recovers. Maybe a person has been saved numerous times and gone back to drugs but as long as they’re breathing there is always hope that they will recover.Trump talked about Narcan at his last rally.It is helping .. cont

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