I explained Extractive Journalism awhile back as a technique to enhance toot effectiveness and build readership.

Another POSITIVE thing I tend to do is share my similar experiences to your posted experience. I like to focus on the positive aspects of the experience, to share another aspect of the same thing.

Look for the good and promote that

Having been a Professional Fault Finder for 25 years as a Mfg Eng whose job was process improvement it was a tricky transition.

I guess a catchy phrase name might be "Points of Commonality"

So I have

1 Extractive Journalism

2 Points of Commonality

Of course these things are reactive commentary. do 1 both way sometimes.

We have excellent researchers who bear the brunt. All I can do is try to caulk the seams where needed

one more site building tool I use:

Positive promotion of the site and the members.

So I have

1 Extractive Journalism

2 Points of Commonality

3 Talk it up in a positive way

4 Donate to the cause.

Remember the parable of the Widow's Mite. Every little bit helps and it all adds up faster than you think

I'm guessing yourself and Climate Change Record Corrector Tony Heller would be two peas in a pod.


No idea who Tony Heller is.

I worked in Process Improvement in factories. Much more concrete working with physical machines and the people running them than trying to figure how the earth works


"The name “Steven Goddard” is a pseudonym used by Tony Heller, which he confirmed himself in June 2014. [3], [4], [2], [30], [32]"

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