Saul with all the hoopla over youtube and other social media I woul expect the numbers here to grow much more in the near future . I am proud of the fact i joined in the beginning and a monthly contributor I hope many of the new members realize that few things in life are free and contribute to keep this great media site operating .


They might. And I hope they do, too.

As long as enough people donate 1 or 2 lattes per month we can keep this going. Right now we are just about breaking even (about 400/mo short), and that is why some features we'd like to add are taking a little time.

Maybe as more people come in well get enough to speed up a bit.


@Debradelai @virgilkane

I do not believe we can post raw video files now?

Needs links to someones site if I am intuiting things correctly.

Correct me if I am wrong

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