Before you shutdown for the evening please consider saying a few words for Bob Nill.

88-year-old Kansas crossing guard dies after pushing children out of car's path

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Border Wall Construction Revealed by Drone

"During a trip to AZ & New Mexico, I filmed the construction of new border wall being built east of Douglas, AZ. An extremely impressive undertaking. This video hopes to remind viewers how incredibly innovative & productive our construction industry is. It reminded me of the Alaska Pipeline Proj, in which I personally managed a small portion of. ..."

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I'm planning the next "Yapping with Saul with a great guest, Rahm Rashidi, a Repórter for Kurdistan in DC who, with meager resources manages to produce tons of coverage from DC and who, through grit and determination advances the cause of Liberty every day, one report at a time.

I hope he can share with you, as he has with me, a primer on his beloved Kurdistan and their relationship with the US.

If all goes well, it'll air by Thursday.

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Trump knows who all the leakers are, he gives them disinformation, and he's leaving them in place.

Listen to the end.

Here's a conspiracy for you.
POTUS holds a rally in Manchester NH where he asks independent voters to cast for the 'weakest democratic candidate'.

Suddenly & inexplicably Bernie is surging in the polls.

@SpiceOfOurLife @umad80
A couple years back a co-worker of mine opened his own twitter account, heard me blathering on about Wic, Saul, CatesX2 and so on.
One of his first tweets was about the latest Star Wars flop of the moment The Last Jedi.

This guy is in his early 30's holds a civil engineering degree and is fairly accomplished at work.

His tweet:

I eviscerated him so badly he deleted his twitter account.

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@umad80 Last I was in a theater was 1992 so I have been doing my own boycott. Only it started because a lot of films stank or all that was being released was prequels and sequels and remakes.🤢

@TimToolMan Yeah, it's fairly underwhelming in the power department.

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Heshmat Alavi
Regarding Sen.
's secret meeting with

"Such a meeting would mean Murphy had done the type of secret coordination with foreign leaders to potentially undermine the U.S. government..."

@Lonestar @TimToolMan
If my pop knew what I payed for my latest I would have gotten my ass chewed handy.
Literally wince imagining his response.

@Lonestar @TimToolMan

grumbles (that damned left handed praying sniper)

Same thing happened to the Garand. 300 hundred dollar par rifles are suddenly 1000 bucks.

...a blue sky import for $1000.

@Lonestar @TimToolMan

Saving Private Ryan came out midway through my search and I watched prices climb 300 to 500%.

Took about 20 years of hunting online and going to gun shows before I found the one I wanted.

Took another year or two to find the proper stock for it. the one I bought had an 03A3 stock.

Now I have a beautiful 03 Mark 1 with a 'shootable' serial number.

Shit of it is I've found MY 'unicorn' and I don't want to frig it up therefor I rarely shoot it.

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@TimToolMan @E_Turbo = the '03 brings back memories for me. Our drill team carried them, and I think the US Army Drill Team still does.

@Lonestar @TimToolMan

Wonder if he ever brained himself with that polearm?

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President Trump:

"I saw that…Senator Murphy met with the Iranians; is that a fact? I just saw that on the way over. Is there anything that I should know? Because that sounds like to me a violation of the Logan Act."

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My first elk hunt I used an 03 Springfield. It was just as it looked when issued to the military. Full length wood forearm, flip up iron sites. It was accurate the first 3 shots then would shoot further and further to the left. Was really difficult to sight in or target practice with. I traded it off for a Marlin 30-30 lever action. I still have that gun 35 years later.

Almost bought one of these about 15 years ago.
As a Springfield collector this particular weapon has it's place in the history of Springfield weapons.
Only 753 of this prototype were made and they performed terribly.
I'd still love to have one.

Chaffee Reece Model 1882

@whernandez @JM
Where I'm at.
My abject rage toward 44 has been abated nearly 100%.
45 has taken on my burden, I support the shit out of that.
44 lived the life of celebrity, "LIVED" -past tense.
The way I see it, when 45 is done with 44 there will be nothing left to 44, in essence globally convicted.
He will simply cease to be. His legacy will be corruption & failure.

44 is suffering.
This wasn't supposed to happen.

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Forget the politics for a minute. Forget that these cocksucker democrats have spent 60m on Russia hoax, and however million on Ukraine. To name two of the most expensive hoaxes these porcupines have tried to unseat the President with, but there are many. Nope, forget that bullshit that gave 100% of the country anxiety and stress. I want you to focus on the few million it cost to fly in the President to an event that not only thrilled the live audience but captivated the country in a

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