Friends, fellow Quods.

My take away from today's beautiful and powerful @SidneyPowell press conference.

At least 75% of my coworkers no longer think I'm insane.

Gloating isn't my bag
sometimes it's just f*cking awesome to be right.


Kraken... on steroids with a flamethrower.

Trump legal team, know that you are in my nightly words.

@E_Turbo @SidneyPowell

Right after watching it I put on the Who-special volume boost for "I Can See for Miles" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" (my two favorites anyway).

From what I read and see Daltry and Townshend are pretty based-pro-Brexit etc.

@EarlThePearls I did too, Earl. It was worthy of popcorn. But I'm shocked to think that people sure it was a conspiracy ALSO watched. Most patriots would not have missed it for the world, but Never Trumpers/Democrats? Shocking. @E_Turbo @SidneyPowell

@EarlThePearls @wziminer @E_Turbo @SidneyPowell

It is as grating to listen to Biden as it was to 0bama, the Bushes, Clinton, and Carter ... I barely remember Ford & Nixon so they're somewhat off of the hook.

@wziminer @SidneyPowell

All power to Rush.

He was playing on every radio in every pickup and all the operators were listening as well.

I've heard the term 'Awakening"
Saw it happen.

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