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Rarely do I gamble.
Certainly wouldn't gamble with a dealer that brought his own deck, refuses to let anyone see it, cuts and shuffles out of view, PLUS makes up the rules after the cards are dealt.

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Have the best day, folks.

"Must I at length the sword of justice draw?
O curst effect of necessary law!
How ill my fear they by my mercy scan,
Beware the fury of a patient man."

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In light of the IG report, you may want to revisit this, originally published in Twatter on 29 April 2018, and republished here in April 2019.

Would not change a comma...

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I just sent my contribution to the P.O. Box. Thanks for QV, and I hope the rest of y'all can send our host some holiday cheer as well.

Make your checks/money orders to Saul Montes-Bradley II
PO Box 306
Halifax, VA 24558

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What's happening is exactly the opposite of what you're saying.

The problem is that you're watching people who you KNOW are lying and stupid, but you're running with it anyway.

Why would you do that?

Nice to see the local ABC affiliate here in New Hampshire towing the bullshit impeachment narrative.

Not one mention of the OIG report.

It will be a beautiful day when the legacy media is hollowed out and their collective carcasses are left to bake in the sun.

The best part of the movie was seeing the hero trying to hide a sneeze during filming.

Worst movie I've been forced to sit through this year.


Terrible story
Terrible special effects
Terrible acting.

Trifecta of terrible

Another tough day of slogging through the mud and rain ahead.

Already looking forward to the warm fireplace and some good reading this evening.

John Banner.
United States Army Air Forces supply sergeant.

Something I never knew.

The man in the photo below is posing for a military recruitment poster.

The man below knows nothing.

Did I spot Amy Sedaris on The Mandalorian?
She is awesome and I've thought that since Strangers with Candy.

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That they themselves did everything in their power to project on those of us who don't.

That one point is the wisdom and grace which provided this platform which despises hate and broad brushing and constantly reminds us all of our greater grace as logical thinking people.

How many of you ever got the paper dropped at your doorstep every day?

Here, you don't have to go outside or even have your good will assaulted.!supportus

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You are spot on my friend, spot on. As you have summarized in your view of Judas Goats, we also must be reminded of the reality agents of evil have theirs as well.

This is where the critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills that were lost in out abysmal public education system is literally killing us.

Thank you for your reminders to us all to exercise to hone those skills to those we learned. Hopefully by leading by example, we can kick start a curiosity to those who don't

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Americans hate it when they're stereotyped, but too many of us go right ahead and do it themselves.

It's why I've been off social media today.

I really hate stupidity.

We're in a frenzy of stupidity at the moment. It's not too late for us to screw up everything Trump has accomplished.

The Republicans keep trying to get back to the label of the Stupid Party.

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@E_Turbo I always think back to what my father told me as a kid, "If someone can't get along with everyone they come in contact with, then there's a common denominator there and it's them." I still think about that and always told my kids the same thing.
Every times a Democrat isn't in power everything is always everybody else fault, they never admit to being wrong or misjudgement, they will go out of their to avoid admitting anything or taking responsibility.

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Donald J. Trump
All necessary work has been completed to declare Mexican Cartels terrorist organizations. Statutorily we are ready to do so. However, at the request of a man who I like and respect, and has worked so well with us, President Andres Manuel
we will temporarily hold off this designation and step up our joint efforts to deal decisively with these vicious and ever-growing organizations!

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Exactly....My first thought is how do I adopt him.

Look at this kids face.
I want to take him out for pizza then take him to the batting cages.

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