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Rarely do I gamble.
Certainly wouldn't gamble with a dealer that brought his own deck, refuses to let anyone see it, cuts and shuffles out of view, PLUS makes up the rules after the cards are dealt.

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Have the best day, folks.

"Must I at length the sword of justice draw?
O curst effect of necessary law!
How ill my fear they by my mercy scan,
Beware the fury of a patient man."

When the shrooms kick in and you have to be in a press conference.

Matt Couch
For those conservatives trying to cheer on Matthew McConaughey today, smack yourselves in the head with a tack hammer... You're an idiot!!

He just finished up speaking at David Hogg's March for your Life Event for Gun Control... Speaking about how you are only allowed a 3 shell limit to hunt migratory birds... that's how he feels about the 2nd amendment.. He's a Tyrant, and a Communist, those are the facts!

‘Band Of Brothers’ Tags Discovered 78 Years After D-Day And Two Decades on From Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks HBO Epic...

"Dog tags belonging to two members of the Band of Brothers, made famous by the 2001 Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks HBO epic, have been discovered in the UK 78 years after D-Day and are being spotlighted for a documentary for Dan Snow’s History Hit streamer."

Morning Quods. I am off to Rockledge Medical Center for a heart ablation procedure for my afib. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Will report back later today. Thanks and God Bless.

She better charge her power chair.

@catturd2: "Careful everyone, this person says she’s coming for your guns.

I hope you’re not in a panic now - 😂 [image]"

@umad80 @Dawnz

Identity politics is oxymoronic for leftists.

Your PERSONAL identity is based on infinite numbers of divided COLLECTIVIST 'communities'.

United in division, and all about virtue signaling you.

"I'm special. Unique! I never eat anything with a mother or a face."

Yay you, but the individual is not important.

"Let's talk about My Very Special Gayness...all about me!"

Nope. Not left enough.

"Okay, let's talk about my curly hair. All about me again!"

Fine, fool. That works.

I can attest to the hardness of, no-kidding old-growth, 2X4s from living in two 1920s houses here in Tampa, bent a lot of nails.

Welp, my little Mollie dog is two weeks and one day post surgery for her torn cranial cruciate ligament (Humans call it the anterior cruciate ligament) and she's feeling much better. That mean I'M feeling much better, too. I've been pretty much nursing her around the clock, but she got her stitches out yesterday and it looks good so far. I'm going to have to keep her on a leash with me for at least 2 more weeks, to keep her from running and jumping, but I should be around here a bit more.

Fairly massive undertaking.
5 story building.
1 floor below ground with parking below that.
This massive building started as a hole 70 foot deep in solid ledge.

(No blasting btw)

The concrete ring will become a fountain and the centerpiece for this build.

The architect(s) must be fully bald by now.

Bidet did it! He managed to make things more ambiguous than ever!

New from Japan:

Reporter: "Mr. President, is the policy of strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan dead?"

Bidet: "No"

Reporter: "Could you explain?

Bidet: "No"

OK...that's about as ambiguous as you can get!

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