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Retired two star admiral & presidential candidate Joe Sestak has a very impressive resume that eventually detonates with Hillary and Obama endorsements.

Keep walking, Joe.
When you reach Ecuador, keep going.

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I haven't heard much about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau lately.

I mean it was really making headlines daily there for a while.

I know our guy Fighting Mick Mulvaney did a little rearranging and and a little auditing, and then nothing.

I wonder what if anything was discovered?

Over there at likely Democrat presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren's little experiment in unanswerable government agencies.

I wonder when we would find out.

These things take time, next fall maybe?

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Dan Bongino has been on fire lately. He's hitting all the major points and stringing them together quite well. If you've been busy and feel like you're lagging behind the endless wave of new information, consider giving his show a listen! His show notes contain many pertinent articles.

Ep. 1085 Are the Deep State Players Keeping a List? The Dan Bongino Show 10/10/2019.

My 9th wedding anniversary is today.
The love of my life DOES NOT like PDJT, but only death will stop her from voting for him.

Darling, this is one of the MANY reasons you and I still work so well together after many years.

October 10th 2010, 10 am.
We made it official.

From the Democratic Coalition.
Savor this.
From March 15th 2019

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Yes, indeed, and it is both needed and appreciated.

There is a link below the toot box "How to support QuodVerum"

It'll take you to our support page with links to subscribe at the level of your choice.

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2. This is the type of classified info the 30 year old turd was leaking for sex.

I imagine Beijing would've been pleased to find out the US knew about their secret ops. They would've worked out how the US knew and shut it down ASAP.

And apparently that's just one example of MULTIPLE leaks this kid gave to 'reporters'.

So, does giving China a heads up of US espionage activity create the 'harm' to the US defined above?

I think so. Don't you?

Time to lock up some reporters.

The end.

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Here is the little 30-yr-old scumbag DIA agent who was arrested this morning for passing intelligence to his prior lay <ahem> mistress. Guy is super cocky on his twitter thread, which is still up because he is in custody!!
"One of the reporters to whom DIA official @HKFrese allegedly leaked top secret intel posted a picture of the two drinking and partying together at the German embassy in 2017...the two were romantically involved and lived together for a year."

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@E_Turbo Absolutely. I've never seen such abject ugliness or hatred for our fellow man as there is on Twatter. It's awful. I hope the President doesn't read that trash.

Twitter has become a wasteland of hand wringing morons.
It will suck your soul dry, by design.

QV is where it's at.

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a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.

You know who you are.
That's why I'm here.
Thank you all.

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Letter from the White House throwing-down the gauntlet on Schiff et al.

During ANY congressional hearing henceforth I hereby publicly demand to hear the following.


carry on

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Watch these three clowns go at each other's throat in 3...2...1...

Paraphrasing Georgi Arbatov, a terrible thing just happened to them.

They seem to have been deprived of an enemy.

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