Boris, you were born in New York.

Leave those ungrateful bastards behind and come back. We need you.

Paraphrasing John Winthrop, England is lost, and is irredeemable.

Come help us as we continue to build a new one.


I hope you will give us more of your thoughts about this on the yapping tonite. Much appreciated .

@rarity @Dusty @Debradelai
🤷‍♀️I saw this just today on Saul's page, I agree this would a good topic for conversation... I had a tree struck by lightning and had plenty to deal with yesterday... what a surprise

@MEMA @Dusty @Debradelai

Mary, I hope it didn't do damage to your home.🙏

We live in the country and have had numerous trees go down in the past. One fell directly onto our porch a several years ago during a hurricane -- very frightening, massive clean-up.

Best wishes to you!

@rarity @Dusty @Debradelai
Thank you love, no real damage to my house, but it did pull the electrical mast off from my house and three lines with it, one was the electricity to the house, and the two others which are cable lines... I didn't hear the big branch crack or a crash... slept straight through the welcome sounds of a great summer thunder storm 😴 it was a sweet storm otherwise 😁 the cost of cleanup and repairs may make me cry though 😂

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