I picked the first tomato to ripen this evening. It weighed the better part of a pound. Tasted really nice too.

@Lemonhead it was the first one to bud and ripen, I've been watching it every day. I noticed a Cardinal checking it out on Monday, not sure if he thought it was competition or a meal.

@Lemonhead I'd get a good laugh out of it if there was a fight between the two of them.

@Dubby I would run inside to get my phone for a vid. Then I would have evidence when people said I was telling a fish storyโ˜บ


I know, Dolphins aren't fish, but here's a tale anyway.
When the kids were young, we'd pack them into the LTD II and drive down to the beach. Our daughter and her friends would sit in the back and 'torment' us with "are we there yet" and crack up laughing when we pretended to get mad at them.

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Rudolph into Randolph. As time went by we managed to get an entire verse out of it and it went:
"Randolph the blue nosed dolphin
had a very smelly tail
and if you ever sniffed it
it would make your face go pale".

Much later, when my daughter was in her last high school year, she asked if I remembered that song and if she could use it. The class was given the task of coming up with a parody and she thought it would be a good one.
The only problem was, we only had one verse. So, we worked on it line by line to come up with verses that worked with the original and this was the end result.

"All of the other dolphins
swimming out in the sea
they wouldn't let poor Randolph
play with them, don't you see".

"Then one stormy winters day
King Neptune came to say,
"Randolph with your tail so brown
help me hunt some whalers down".

"Then how the dolphins loved him.
You could hear them call his name.
Randolph the blue nosed dolphin
your tale is your claim to fame"

The '77 Ford LTD II was the first car we bought in Canada. It was old, but cheap. Our neighbor knew we wanted a car, he knew the mechanic, so we got it. It was big, comfortable and held a lot of stuff.
The trunk was huge, we even managed to get the BBQ into it, standing up, with the trunk lid tapping off it as we went down to Rhondou Provincial Park.
Our friend sang the Beverly Hillbillies song as we drove away.

@Dubby โ˜บ haha. I had one in the 90s. It was re done by a guy who had a salvage yard. Good seats in it. Now everything pre formed and someimes hard. They say it is ergonomic. Good for back and posture. They are not๐Ÿ˜…

@Dubby pretty good song. The "are we there yet" is๐Ÿ˜… y'all are good parents.

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