In preparation for the arrival of our sofa, the sofa-bed had to go from our lower level to make way for the sectional in the upper level. I remember when the sofa-bed came into our house many years ago. I was much younger then and the passing of time has a way of making you feel not so energetic. So I wasn't looking forward to the removal process, taking something down the stairs takes a lot less energy than hefting it back up. Not to worry my son said, it's going out for garbage pick- up.

So we ripped off the padded cushioning and then took out the sprung bed frame. It was much easier than I thought it would be to get the entire lot out to the curbside. As we closed the door behind us, we heard a noise outside. Looking out the window, we saw a pick-up truck had stopped and the driver loaded the metal into the back of it. Some people's trash is indeed another person's treasure.

@Dubby Some people use the springs in craft projects, others collect scrap metal for extra cash

@Give_Me_Liberty There's quite a few of them drive around the sub-divisions on garbage eve. Sometimes one will come around earlier just to see what's out for picking.
Downtown, there's a guy who, although he's looks like he's homeless, travellers the city streets in sun, rain or snow with 2 shopping carts. When they're full of scrap metal, he pushes them about 2 miles to the scrap yard that gives him the best deal. He looks very healthy, I think he's planning on retiring a rich man.

@Dubby I see a fellow doing that in my community too! Very industrious!

@Give_Me_Liberty yes, no fear of traffic either as he goes along the side of the road. Nobody bothers him.

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