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Those who delve into the "Black Regimes" can learn of unspeakable atrocities recounted clinically by the people who either witnessed or committed them.
May our Creator watch over & succor the INCONVENIENT

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I hate conspiracy theorists.

What I hope to do someday is tell them a truth that will make them unable to sleep for the rest of their lives.

They need to suffer by learning what's real.

I'm just the guy to force reality on them.


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And now he has to pay a father $450,000 for claiming in a book that the father never had a six-year-old murdered at Sandy Hook.


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Twitter recently stated that it will restrict how users can engage with tweets from world leaders, including President Trump, if the company decides their tweets break the site’s rules.

Other users will not be able to reply, like, or retweet Trump and other world leader’s tweets restricted in this way.

The company will algorithmically bury the tweet, making them harder to find.

I seriously doubt any other world leader will be affected.

And what about Congress?


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Infuriating that a billion plus in Canadian tax dollars are spent for this horse hockey reporting from the CBC...seriously? defund these goofs


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A new photo has emerged of the Cabinet Room after the Dems walked out in a huff.


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Thread by Brian Cates:

"OK now I'm pissed. I've followed US politics for almost 40 years. I started when I was 17 in high school.

I've heard/read the tragic "Biden's wife/baby killed by drunk driver" story so many times, I can't count them.

And turns out...SURPRISE!... it's a lie.

The driver of the truck wasn't drunk. The accident was, tragically, Neilia Biden's fault. For some reason her car left it's lane & went into the truck driver's lane.

She ran a stop sign."


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Up until the 1990's if you refused to show your hands & IMPLICITLY ignored the Officer(s).....

They would simply SHOOT YOU.

If there are GUNS pointed at you & you're not complying you are=

A. Crazy=a Threat


B. Up to Something=a Threat.

& they would shoot you.

Damn the Lawyers.

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POTUS has no worries..😂🤣👇🏻

TV Ratings: Fourth Democratic Debate Falls on CNN

NCIS and FBI beat them...

"Tuesday's debate averaged 8.34 million TV viewers, below CNN's last debate coverage on July 30-31 and the smallest audience of the four Democratic debates thus far. Live streams of the coverage on digital properties for CNN and co-sponsor The New York Times averaged an additional 449,000."


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Obummers word choice reminds me of the worst manager's bull shit empty talk I have ever heard.

Presented to
Brother JW Laughton
Distinguished Services rendered the Order
March 9th 1911

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The druggie psychedelic swirl graphics in his profile and poems in his writing reveals him to be a crazy person.

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@Dubby @Debradelai @SidneyPowell @GenFlynn

EyeTheSpy is back? Hes a hack and a fraud. Cant believe anyone still follows that nut job

@ThomasWic thanks for your interest in it. So far, after contacting a Mason Lodge in London, I've found out it's to do with The Independent Order of Forresters.

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My WWII veteran relative said to say "thanks everyone" and how nice people have been to give me advice on his caregiver's thefts.

He also told me that going overseas, the G.I.s used to say they better learn to say "Heil Hitler" in case Germany won the war -- then they would all burst out laughing because they knew the U.S. would win! It was a running joke :)

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