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I like the interactive part of all the formats but they all start late for me, especially BB I understand the reasoning - all the time zones, not complaining
I listen to them when I’m not busy. Really good in the car on a longer drive
All formats are instructive and enjoyable.

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That’s the great thing about being able to watch later.
I am halfway through BB.We’ll watch the other half later.
I still have to get to the VIP.

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Had family drop in by surprise late yesterday and stay for dinner and beyond. Beard Blather was well underway by the time they left, so I missed out.

I look forward to that all week, but didn't want to rush them out the door...😉 Sorry I missed it. I'll have to catch up later today or tomorrow.

During last night's Beard Blather the attack on Sufis by ISIS in the Egyptian mosque was mentioned. Here's a good, short article about Sufism.


Heard about this from @Debradelai on Yapping With Saul.
It's great to hear of hostages being returned from the clutches of the subhuman terrorists and this is no exception. It's just that something doesn't seem quite right.


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Latest update
Antonio is doing MUCH better today. That is Kristen’s best BDay present. They are slowly weaning the vent and he is asleep . They are thinking of taking it out on Monday.
My niece wants me to come up tomorrow. I may wait until Antonio is off the vent. I do not do well with images as most of you know.
My Sister was over the top for me.
But in a day or so, I will be there♥️🙏🏻

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Beard Blather tomorrow 11:00pm Eastern

"The Tide Is Turning"

Details to follow.

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Yapping With Saul: "A Terrorist And A Terrorist Lover Walk Into A Bar."

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live interaction with viewers'

Today we start with Secretary Blinken's Tour of Shame. This perennial architect of failure busied himself legitimazing terrorists, making our allies irate and Iran pleased. Is there no limit to his corruption?

Hamas in trouble? Never fear, Blinken is here!

Thursday, 9:30pm Eastern


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Interesting point from "Left of Bang" when talking about intuition; the author says intuition is based on experience & knowledge, not on an inexplicable force/magic.

Trying to think back to the shooting at V-Tech. My son was there with others from his church the night before the shooting. They talked about "having a feeling" and many (including my son) determined not to go on campus the next day.


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October 7 should have been an open-and-shut case of moral condemnation.

During peace and holiday, invading Hamas gunmen murdered, tortured, mass raped, decapitated, and mutilated some 1,200 Israelis. The vast majority were unarmed women, children, infants, and the elderly.

The cowardly murderers proudly filmed their atrocities and then fled back to Gaza—to cheers from the Gaza street.

"After his release Yahya Sinwar slaughtered 1400 Israelis, had many raped, mutilated . He kidnapped some 250 and is now using them cynically to buy himself a few more days or weeks. Many of the hostages were mistreated, tortured and killed in captivity.

It would be best for the world if Sinwar and his minions to be hunted down and killed like Osama Bin Laden and Qasem Soleimani and the two terrorists who murdered the three innocents this morning. Just like that. Just like a Zombie."

"He committed terror attacks in Israel against civilians. He was caught, arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned. While in prison he was diagnosed with brain cancer. An Israeli brain surgeon saved his life. He was subsequently released in a prisoner exchange in which Israel freed ~1000 Palestinian terrorist prisoners for the return of a single living soldier (who had been kidnapped by Sinwar’s brother)."

"The most effective and realistic response to Islamist terror may simply be to destroy all who engage in it, just like Zombies in the movies (World War Z) or on TV (The Walking Dead). Kill them on the spot or after they have been hunted down. No trial. No due process. No mercy.

Take Yahya Sinwar for example, the Hamas leader who planned and executed October 7th. "

"However, despite all that I am and believe in I am gradually coming to the conclusion that Islamist terrorists are more like Zombies than thinking and feeling human beings. The events of October 7th dramatically demonstrate this. But that horrific day was not unique. It has been happening here and around the world for decades and there is no reason to believe it will stop anytime soon. "

"Warning: I’m going to vent here. Look, I am an international lawyer. I regularly appear in courts and tribunals around the globe, but primarily in the United States and Israel. Because of my profession I necessarily believe in the rule of law and due process. I have represented Palestinians throughout my career, some on a pro bono basis. "

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