I just remembered a Case that infuriated me back in 2011 that clearly showed the rich and powerful in America can murder with impunity as long as they're willing to spend $$$ to tip the Scales of Justice.
This is Jonah Schacknai
He's the founder of Illustris Pharmaceuticals & the CEO id Medicis Pharmaceuticals.
He's very, VERY wealthy.
In 2011 a "tragedy" occurred at his Coronado, California Home, Spreckels Mansion.

Jonah's 6 year old son Max reportedly fell down a flight of stairs causing "severe brain trauma" caused by the fall
He lingered for two days before being taken off life support due to no brain activity.
His death was QUICKLY ruled an accident over the estranged Mother's objections.
Later a Pathologist who reviewed Max's autopsy said the head injuries were not consistent with a fall but an assault.
Coronado Police refused to reopen the case.
But there's more...

This is Rebecca Zahau, Jonah Shachnai's Girlfriend who was babysitting Max at the time of the "Accident."
She, her younger sister Xena were reportedly the only people PRESENT at the time Max had his "accident."
This is not true.
Shacknai's Brother Adam was also on the premises.
The Police report was CAREFULLY WORDED to give the impression Adam was not there.
Two days after Max's fall on the day he was removed from life support Zahau's NUDE Body was found hanging from a balcony.

HER HANDS WERE TIED BEHIND HER & her legs had adhesive residue from masking or electrical tape & were also bound.
Nearby was a painted message= "She saved him, can you save her?"
You read that right.
A suicide.
Zahau's Family & Max's estranged Mother never accepted the OFFICIAL Narratives of either Max's fall or Zahau's suicide.
Coronado Police refused outright to review any new evidence or reopen the Cases.

Ultimately Zahau's family won a five million dollar wrongful death CIVIL SUIT against Adam Shacknai for assaulting, raping & strangling Zahau & then staging the suicide.
Adam of course denies everything.
For SOME UNKNOWN REASON (Read: THREATS) The Zahau Family accepted a $600,000 SETTLEMENT after winning their case & a 5 MILLION Dollar award.
The settlement nullified that award.
The reason is simple.
Xena Zahau was being threatened she's join her sister.

I looked into this case after Zahau's death was ruled a suicide & watched with growing horror as the Police refused any & all new evidence she's been murdered.
It was CLEAR she'd been physically battered about the head & neck SIMILAR TO MAX & then disposed of.
Coronado Police="Nah, where's the EZ Button?" ! "Suicide! What's for Lunch?"
Years went by & I lost track of the later developments.
So I just learned about the SETTLEMENT nullifying the 5 million dollar award.
My take is this Asshole killed TWO people & got away with it, mostly.
Like OJ Simpson he was found guilty in Civil Court but escaped Criminal Justice.
My faith in people (as a whole) is never shaken because I neither like nor trust "people."
I can trust & have faith in INDIVIDUALS.
Coronado Police are either lazy or corrupt.
Adam Shacknai lives in a Hell of his own making.
Sadly he removed two people from this World, but their INNOCENCE is their Shield.

Max & Rebecca are beyond the pain of the World & don't have a THING to worry about.
Adam Shacknai?
Not so much.
In the Universe I live in when the murderous die they are CONFRONTED by their victims in a venue where they have no power over them.
& they have a SAY in what befalls their Murderer.
Penance can be a stone cold BITCH.
Justice is like our Freedoms.
They both MUST be guarded & protected like torches that can EASILY be extinguished by the Winds of Passion & Greed.


Coronado California's has clearly gone out.
How about YOUR neck of the Woods?
Unless moral <---as in GENUINLEY & upright people shepherd Justice & Liberty with a MINDFUL eye, you'll find the DARK UNDERBELLY of your particular society can end up covering it's entirety.
Then look to your life, your family & your future with dismay.
At that point the only real remedy in greener, stabler Pastures.

Many Counties in Florida have gone to a three agency investigation. Sheriff's Office, Florida Dept. Of Law Enforcement, and States Attorney's Investigators.


Hold on. . . .

This uber-rich Jonah guy let his brother murder his girlfriend and 6 YEAR OLD SON and let him get away with it?? Didn't want him to rot in prison for the rest of his life?


I've no way of knowing.
The physical evidence point to Adam as Rebecca's Murderer.
Which makes us ask questions about Max's "accident."

The McStay family murders is what set me on this path to you and SQV. This was in San Diego County. The justice department completely mishandled the case. They caught the murderer, but to no thanks to the local investigators. Some dirt bike rider discovered the family's unmarked grave sites in the Mojave desert. Crime that is suppressed and covered up will drive you crazy.
Fentanyl deaths have been covered up as "overdose" or "suicide?" pick your battle. Vengeance is the Lords.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @DuaneCates I've noticed an increase of police and 1A Audits in the last few years on YT, etc.
Some are good while others seem out to provoke.
I have a trainee trooper on video violating my 4th Amendment rights (I was "acting suspiciously" and "being belligerent"). He followed me onto MY own property saying it wasn't a stop! The ONLY thing that saved him was that I know his father, who was a good trooper. I now have a dash cam for MY safety. BTW, I back GOOD police officers...

@Donjanusgjrdrm @DuaneCates 2/...We must, however, acknowledge that corruption exists and that there are officers who will happily invent reasons to violate our rights, as this young man attempted with me. In my case, I called him on his attemps to violate my rights and his attitude changed when he understood I knew his father. He offered to patrol around my building.
Had I not hit record, who knows what might have happened.
Since 9/11, it seems we're most of us viewed as potential terrorists.

@TerriC @DuaneCates

I think the problem, as usual, is training. It takes time to make a good detective. I grew up in the era of dragnet and Maybury RFD. Its funny to look back today and see how silly and ridiculous hollywood paints the picture of reality. I have always avoided any kind of trouble and I am thankful for that.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @DuaneCates I, too, have avoided trouble. I'm a retired, disabled high school teacher. I worked with the police a number of times during my career. It's frightening to go about one's business and be treated the way I was.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @DuaneCates Yes. Last Summer. My town is so small, we can't afford police, so must rely on State Troopers 32 miles away. They are sent here for additional training straight out of the academy.

@TerriC @DuaneCates
I am glad you had a good outcome. It helps to be a teacher sometimes.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @DuaneCates I spoke to him in my "teacher voice" and he interpreted it as my being "belligerent". I replied that I was speaking in a business-like fashion. He then began interrogating me! I explained he was on my property & I hadn't broken any laws. He then attempted to justify his behavior. I told him I was leaving and he was blocking my egress.
These young ones seem to have a poor attitude.

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