TY Dr Rand Paul for crossing that Rubicon & exposing NIH & Dr. Fauci.

Now they are all clamoring to "help" find the culprits.

NIH & Harvard were HIP DEEP in funding & ENABLING that Level 4 Laboratory in Wuhan

@DuaneCates Meanwhile on YouTube the alphabet media jumps all over Jim Jordan, Rand Paul and others with their "conspiracy theory" language. That's because they know Jim and Rand are talking about truth over Democrat and media hero Fauci the Liar. It is the Democrats who have the conspiracy theory mindset. Who would believe a bunch of Democrat media and government morons who think men can have periods, there are more than 2 sexes, and all the other SJW BS?

@DuaneCates —The CDC Gnome is toast.

Senator Rand Paul hit pay dirt.

Thank G-d.

@DuaneCates Was the Wuhan lab damaged in the tornado this weekend?

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