Another Black Thug dead, this time in North Carolina and have I mentioned lately that I DO NOT CARE?
Anything that now happens in those States, Counties & Cities is being ALLOWED.
After a year+ of covering this it slowly dawned on me we're witnessing a slow dance of destruction by nihilists ON BOTH SIDES in these Deep Blue Hellzones.
Wait, both sides?
One side will ALLOW the Mob to rampage in FEAR of being called RACISTS as the other side acts out of HATE.

We've all become familiar with the term FEAR PORN.
Headlines chock full of provocative POWER WORDS designed to stir FEAR in the Reader, but more importantly a CLICK on the link or site to read/watch the Story (and the Ads=$$$)
Over the past 15 years people have become ADDICTED to it.
Thomas Wictor has wearily mentioned it for years.
As these Negative Nellies continuously tried to vomit their TERROR into his lap as they DEMANDED he hold their hands & "make it all better."
BEYOND tiresome.

There's a reason the Quod Cavaliers (Saul, Thomas, Kyle & Brian & I) are continually trying to dispense REASON & CALM to assuage all the fear the MSM are spitting at all Americans 24/7.
As it's clear the MSM are deliberately devolving the mental health of as many people as possible.
(Mask Karens, anyone?)
Holy CRAP!
I just googled MASK KAREN to grab a pic from the 100's of vids I've seen of ANGRY KARENS asking "where's your MASK?"
I got 100's of pics of DUMB KARENS refusing to WEAR Masks!

It's worse than I thought.
There are people RIGHT NOW that are so terrified of COVID they won't even leave their house to be vaccinated.
Overdosed on the fear porn.
As Governors like Cuomo & Newsom use Dr. Fauci as their excuse to demand people stay locked down EVEN AFTER BEING VACCINATED.
Like Cernovich tweeted (I'm paraphrasing) EVERYONE consulted as an Expert up til THIS MINUTE has been wrong.
All we can do is just go ahead & LIVE OUR LIVES.
I agree 100% & COVID almost killed me.

Many Americans were afraid of COVID at it's outset, because it was an unknown.
Now, over a year later their fear is ebbing away as vaccines arrive & more becomes known about treating COVID successfully.
But a certain % are still LOST in fear.
Do you understand now why President Trump worked so hard & diligently to get those vaccines FAST TRACKED & streamlining the process as all his critics accused him of MURDERING 400,000 Americans.
As an ACTUAL murderer preened himself for higher office?

Trump has called the MSM **THE** biggest Enemy to the American People.
Even now our military can take care of business anywhere in the World.
Look at what the MSM has done to us.
With contrived & false narratives on race & on America as the Eternal Villain of every Story.
As Academia churns out young WARPED minds overdosed on HATE, not fear.
They compliment each other as I described.
One RIOTS, the other SURRENDERS.
It's a hideous Staged Play unfolding before our eyes will REAL WORLD OUTCOMES.

In Deep Blue Cities those in Offices of Authority always surrender to THE MOB (BLM & ANTIFA) every time.
They are on the SAME SIDE & are playing you.
"Want to stop the rioting/Damage/PAIN? Implement THESE changes to City/County/State Policy."
The City Authorities NOD & you're NEVER supposed to mention all the policies give the Lefties IN CHARGE more power & control at the cost of American's freedoms & prosperity.
They've been doing this for DECADES!!

The INSTANT the tech billionaires realized via **algorithm** that the LOWER EMOTIONS draw the most CLICKS/Attention from people we were in trouble because Lawmakers wouldn't catch up to the HARM this would cause for YEARS.
Fear, Hate, Jealousy & Lust.
Presented on a 24/7 News Cycle that is nigh inescapable.
As ALL Media (Sports, Movies, Music) morphs itself to follow suit.
I've stated I see all EMOTIONAL human interaction in two ways=


I've covered the FEAR the MSM is pushing & how it's been & is BEING used to paralyze Americans as the "very rich & very stupid" Fascist Billionaires implement & solidify the changes they want to cement their control over all of us.
You see FEAR truly is their most potent weapon.
Against us.
But HATE is their most EFFECTIVE weapon in the Hands of their Followers.
This is where the HATE PORN, or Rage Clicks come in.
Because THESE warped minds are addicts too.
Not to fear, but HATE.

It's even MORE damaging to the Nation because those LOST to this form of Mind Poison are being enabled & ENCOURAGED to act out.
If you cower in your Home that's just sad, but it doesn't truly affect anything.
In the past two weeks I've seen FIVE Bodycam Videos of Black Men who chose to RESIST arrest literally to the death.
This Guy fell, dropped his Gun, then IGNORED Police Orders & moved on hands & knees towards his Gun IN UTTER DEFIANCE of the cops who promptly shot him to death.

This Dude threw rocks at Cars until the Police responded AS HE KNEW THEY WOULD & then moved to the center of the intersection for his "Fatal Drama"
I honestly don't think he thought he was going to die.
He expected the Officer to hesitate & call for backup.
He was looking for Street Cred & a payday.
HE wanted an opportunity to express his HATRED of Police but didn't understand what he was doing.
Pulling his "little knife" killed him as the Officer fired ON THE SPOT.

Hear me clearly, this was not an INTENTIONAL suicide by Cop.
This Guy wanted DRAMA.
A chance to show his UTTER CONTEMPT for the Police with zero concern for consequences.
He thought the Officer would run off & summon back up.
They'd then coordinate, position less than lethal, etc. then finally, AFTER A HUGE AMOUNT OF DRAMA taze or subdue him.
Boy, did that Cop subvert that idiot's expectations.
WHO created those expectations?
WHY do it?
Look at their "formula" for taking control.

Amazingly enough, when your actions reach the level of deadly force to stop you, Cops will still use deadly force to do that REGARDLESS OF WHAT COLOR YOU ARE.
That idiot was CERTAIN that Cop would hesitate & help him create a "big show."
The Officer killed him the moment he met all requirements of deadly force because the Criminal's expectations weren't based in REALITY.
The reality check killed him.
He's to blame for his outcome, yes, but I also blame the MSM & people like Benjamin Crump.

Cancel culture is also fueled by HATE PORN.
These Mobs, both Digital & on the Street require new Martyrs (Thugs invested in dying resisting arrest) & Victims (Literally anyone who has said or done ANYTHING the Digital Mob decides is objectionable)
Critical Race theory advances their goals on BOTH Fronts.
Literally things beyond your control are used to IDENTIFY you as either a victim or an oppressor.
Then their various MOBS go to work.
As their OPERATIVES in Gov. prepare to SURRENDER.

It's a political maneuver the Left has used against Americans since the late 80's & only NOW are many of us waking up to it.
As people try to claim Mayor Wheeler is now ANTI-ANTIFA.
Yeah, no.
& Newsom's gonna be recalled!
Wheeler's lying, straight up.
"Sacrifices" will be made to keep up the CHARADE in Portland.
Newsom may be replaced...
With another Leftist just as harmful as he was.
Cuomo kills the elderly via incompetence or malice but it's that "gets" him?

What Trump did in his 4 years in Office prepared many of us for what's happening.
When certain Masks slipped we got a real good look at who & what is driving all of this.
Literally everyone knows the 2020 Election was stolen.
The Left's THRILLED about it.
As a lot of us WATCHED it happen with 2020 VISION, dumbstruck at the Left's brazen audacity.
WHO told us what to LOOK for & HOW they'd do it over a year in advance?
Who prepared our "2020 VISION?"
Why that would be the former President.

Now as the Left flounders, their sycophantic picks for critical offices embarrass the Nation as their Armies of HATE, both on the Street & Online mindlessly SHRIEK for more Martyrs & Victims, a lot of their former Supporters are backing away, slowly, in confusion & a gnawing, growing, TERRIBLE REALIZATION.
As Trump slowly & carefully prepares to reemerge onto the Stage as America's last, BEST HOPE.
He will offer the DYING MSM "Trump Fuel" & they'll eagerly take it.

Their "TRUMP SLUMP" will be over!! Hooray!!
The interim period has stripped all of their carefully crafted ILLUSIONS from millions of Biden Voters.
True, millions more remain in Thrall, but Trump won't need ALL the Voters in the country to take back the House & Senate in 2022.
Just a majority.
& Trump's Secret Weapon seems to be none other than CCP Joe Biden, the current ASTERISK President who is now a World-Wide Laughingstock.
Trump's new "fuel" will set the MSM ablaze.

Because his message to Americans will now RESONATE like never before to an even wider number of VOTERS.
Do you SEE it yet?
I sure do.
The Left did the WORST THING POSSIBLE for their fortunes & garnering of POWAH!
They caught the car they were deviously & deceptively chasing.
Trump is about to run Them over with with BOSS LEVEL satisfaction.
As we participate with our **calm** support, votes & a determination to finally win the .

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And it appears Pic1 is actually a photoshopped Meme by the Babylon Bee.
My bad.
(But can you blame me?)
Here's a confirmed Headline from CNN during the Austin Bomber Manhunt during 2018

@DuaneCates Crump is AL Sharpton 2.0 . Actually he's worse because I assume he learned law in school just to know how to break it

@DuaneCates Trump has created a famine of support and the left doesn’t realize it yet. He has fundamentally altered their economy of social capital.

@DuaneCates Thanks for this thread Duane. I love your optimism and clarity.


Excellent thread Duane Cates👍 I anxiously wait for your threads along with Thomas as well as several others on here👍Love it love it love it! Thank you

@DuaneCates Along with my compliments on this awesome thread, I thank you with a donation...

@inverness01 TYVM inverness01!!
Donations help me focus more time on writing & my YouTube Channel to address Current Events & what I'm calling the .

@DuaneCates Great post. I hope and pray that these scumbags are dealt with “appropriately” once the dust settles. Those who openly propagate hate, get rich on hard-earned tax-payer money, provide material support to our enemies ... must not get away with their crime. We need to reinforce the age old principle of “consequences of one’s actions”.


Yesterday, when folks were joyous at the Newsom news, I kept quiet as not to rain on anyone's parade but you said it first.

*If* Newsom's removed, (and that's a BIG IF) he'll be replaced by a doppelganger. Nothing will change. I'd even go as far to say that if Richard Grenell ran and won, it would be Trump2.0. A great leader sabotaged at every turn by the leftist bureaucracy.

As others have stated, the only way out is to move from one party Marxist stronghold states.

@America01st @DuaneCates

Bloom where you're planted.

Fight the good fight.

We have all seen what happens when leftists move from the shithole socialist "paradises" they create. They bring their lousy politics to conservative strongholds which have much higher quality of life.

Fight them where you are, or fight them later, but fight them you must!

@America01st @DuaneCates As a former California resident (moved last year) I can tell you having lived/voted through the previous governor recall, someone very strong like Arnold needs to emerge. If not, the vote will be so splintered among dozens of runners, Newsom will win by default.

@DuaneCates anyone who pulls any kind of a weapon on a police officer should be shot on the spot. We need to protect our law enforcement officers while we still have people willing to do that job.

@DuaneCates these aren't warped minds . To warp or rerard something it has to start at normal. These are mental patients. Failed by a society imo that leads them to believe they are normal and because we as a society cannot stomach the idea of mad houses. Well opening those looney bins up is starting to make a lore sense now . Let's hope American people see it that way and soon. I have no more sympathy for them I'm sorry

Dr. Frankenstein="Igor!! PAGING IGOR!! You are needed on the Street STAT!!"

@DuaneCates who knew Igor had somany friends and that business was booming 💥for the Dr

@Gerg1970 @DuaneCates
Some days, the choice between having the power to control who procreates versus the power to mandate in-person/ID voting is a tough choice.

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