@DuaneCates LOL my dad has the same hat as Don Saul @Debradelai but he is a Greek sea captain! Who the F is Durin? Inquiring minds want to know dear Duane!

That’s funny. Tell me how is the lonely Mountain these days?


I like men with beards, but I’m prejudiced. My hubby has had one for 40 years. He shaved it off briefly several years ago and no one recognized him. I am happy to report his beard is back and thriving.

@DuaneCates The Truth Crew.....talented in the extreme. They access Light and Truth and communicate it to us in a way that brings us all UP! These men are True Champions! We are all so Blessed and GRATEFUL to them!

@DuaneCates SERIOUSLY! We Love you three so much! Really really. Not in a weird way....just fan girling out

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