This guy is DEFINITELY a fed.

When the attack on Any Ngo began, he walked all the way across the street to get close.

He enters the screen on the right.

The man in the camouflage on the right is wearing noise-canceling earphones.

He's also filming.

So the hand signal establishes a chain of custody for the evidence.

The feds can say, "Here's Agent Smith giving the prearranged signal that Antifa is following through on its threat against Andy Ngo."

Lawyers for Portland won't be able to argue that this person is not Andy Ngo.

The Department of Justice has the goods on Portland.




I know that the man in camouflage is filming, because another man has linked arms with him.

This allows the man filming to concentrate on his job without worrying that someone will come up and bash him in the head.

The other guy is guarding him.

You see this kind of physical contact in SWAT teams.


@ThomasWic YES!
They do this in unsecured locations when one Team Member is focused on doing something "downrange"
If a threat develops you can YANK your Buddy aside.
For an OP like this they'd have a "Spotter" Filming/Monitoring them from an elevated Position, perhaps several to cover the expected route.


There were at least five undercover agents at the scene, and at least two filmed the assault.

After the assault, the man who linked arms with the man in camouflage made his own hand signals.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates let's just hope they can make a move on those assholes before anyone dies or is permanently damaged...

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