These 4 Threads are some of my best covering what President Trump is actually doing as everyone talks TRIVIA on these BS Social (Engineering) Media Platforms.

So, to keep USING their Platform against their insidious MIND-PROGRAMMING-CONTROL as a Rebel AMERICANA Boosting Subversive....I deleted the Tweet & will be back tweeting in 8 hrs.
To see what I've been up to go

I've been tearing up Twitter for 3 months with Threads that are MOABS dropped onto the heads of the
So last night they zapped me for 24 hours & demanded I delete a Tweet.
What was it?

🚨 A well organized thread by @DuaneCates on the reaction of Trump's team and the riots.

A great read!

@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike @DuaneCates @hnijohnmiller

Nah. They'll feel right at home.

You apparently can take the girl out of Mogadishu, but you can't takeep Mogadishu out of the girl.

@captwfcall @Dawnz

Oh no! Not an "Arrow to the knee"!

( this might not make any sense. But amongst Gamers the whole arrow to the knee thing has been running gag for a while)

I know I know..... I just can't help myself sometimes.

@ThomasWic @drawandstrike @DuaneCates
I watched a private viewing of this documentary. I suggest you watch it when it is released next week. It explains what is really happening to @GenFlynn. It will piss you off.
@Debradelai I am Lara on Twitter and tweeted this earlier.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.