Harris and Newsom were responsible for the murder of the Bologna family.

A 17-year-old MS-13 member thought they MIGHT HAVE BEEN rival gang members, so he shot to death Tony Bologna (48) and his sons Michael (20) and Matthew (16).

A third son survived, but his identity is being kept secret.

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My impression is that neither Biden or Warren can get the nomination. Which is fine because out of the frontrunners, the person I think Trump would want to run against the most is....

Kamala Harris.

Because not only is she immensely unlikable & uncharismatic, her running would allow him direct access to talking about an entire host of issues that energize his base in a way that Biden and Warren don't as much.

Sanctuary cities

CA is a mess.


For @drawandstrike

You wrote, "My impression is that neither Biden or Warren can get the nomination. Which is fine because out of the frontrunners, the person I think Trump would want to run against the most is....

"Kamala Harris."

That got me to thinking.

Trying to reverse engineer Trump is almost impossible, but how does THIS sound?


Biden was riding high until the Democrats were stupid enough to fall for the Ukraine whistle-blower trap.

I don't think Biden's high poll numbers were the result of anything HE did.

I've been wondering how Trump would manipulate polls without doing anything illegal or unethical, and the answer came to me:

"The leaks are real. The news is fake."

People support Biden because the press tells them that he's cool 'n junk.

Where did the press get that idea?

From Trump.


So Trump builds up Biden and then takes him down.

The buildup is important. If nobody cared about Biden, the takedown wouldn't be effective.

NOW, the press is building up Warren.


Warren has absolutely nothing going for her.

She's a fraud, she's repulsive, and she has no platform.

But the press is building her up because Trump is directing it through the use of disinformation about how she's got momentum.

If Warren surpasses Biden and then get's demolished with a single hit job, we'll know that you're right.

It'll be Harris.

Trump would want Harris, because she symbolizes leftist destruction.


She's faking.

The story keeps changing: Asperger, autism...which is it?

People with either affliction are never activists, and they don't pose for portraits.

This whole thing is a con job, but it's almost certainly the brainchild of Judas goats, since it's backfiring outrageously.


Greta is faking.

There's simply no such thing as an activist with Asperger Syndrome.

Still wondering who the chosen one over dem side is? Thought is was gonna be Biden/Hillary? But, hmm? Warren/Hillary?

People on Twitter are claiming that those with Asperger Syndrome (AS) can "cut through the BS," which makes them more focused than the rest of us.

A flat-out lie. People with AS have very limited interests, and they can't understand the concept of social interaction.

They are NEVER activists.

We're witnessing one of the stupidest con jobs of all time.

Thank you all for great toots! I have been off and on all day! Too many to thank individually, but the recaps and news have been great!

Update: THANK YOU for all the prayers from the bottom of my heart. Friday got the best report in years. A1C has been at 9 or 10 a couple years, Friday it was 6. The doctor came in and hugged me. Circulation has greatly improved and the foot has been saved! In fact, it is just about healed up completely.
Love you folks! πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’•


Told the hubby that POTUS wants Biden out, it is happening. 😁

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@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Ken1951 When manufacturing went under many tool makers bought the old equipment and set up garage tool shops. There are thousands that can make every part of these guns. With the advent of 3 D printers the lowers can be made easily. There are thousands of non trackable AR's and other high grade weapons already out there. Barrels are not a problem and other machine parts can be repurposed to produce them.

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Exactly. πŸ˜‚ we are witnessing events that if we were talking about them 10 yrs ago we would have had to be talking about a movie or novel. Trump is so far above his enemies, it is hard to comprehend. Half the time I'm asking myself.... wait is this real? Did they really say, do or write that? WTF lol

During the initial Iraq War. They showed this Village in Pakistan. There was a little kid going back and forth between a couple of mud huts. He had two 5 gallon buckets in his hand. Both buckets were full of freshly made AK-47 barrels.

You cannot put the genie back in the bottle

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I explained in detail what's happening and why.

Trump is putting out fake news.

His enemies--like gambling addicts--go for each story.

The more they invest, the harder it becomes for them to stop.

It's very simple.

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Trump is about to highlight the growing health crises mounting in several CA cities that have completely botched dealing with the homeless issue.


πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/drawandstrike/stat

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