God knows who B H Obama really is, but he was a disgraceful POTUS in every way. The damage he did to US prestige and power (ergo, the western democracies) is incalculable.

Obama also did grave damage to US institutions (eg DOJ, FBI) and divided the citizenry, in ways America hasn't seen before.

Most people are saying Obama skates, but I'm still convinced that Trump is going to destroy this charlatan.

Top Saudi official: Barack Obama lied, set Middle East back 20 years jpost.com//Arab-Israeli-Confli



I missed that article.

So the Saudis called Obama on his bullshit.


@DeadManWalking @bbhack

It is.

The frenzy of public hatred was the final straw.

Even if Trump supporters HAD attacked Juicy's Mullet, it wouldn't have meant anything except that two men had attacked Juicy's Mullet.

Remember what they said after 9/11?

"You can't blame an entire group for the actions of a tiny handful."

And yet these same people won't extend that understanding to Trump supporters.

So the limit has been reached. Leftists are screwed. Finally.


He had the fake Nigerians send him a hate letter, but it got no reaction, so then he hired them to commit a fake assault.

Juicy REALLY hates Trump, so he did this on his own.

Sanctified victimhood is what all Trump haters aspire to have.


Look, you're not fooling anyone.

Your self-introduction shows that you came here to pick fights and then weep about how you were dreadfully victimized by this awful right-wing site.

Unlike you, I honestly want a place for all sane people.

Your transparent agenda is extremely annoying, so cut it out.

@DuaneCates @REX
Deliciously, that $250M is the same price that Bozos, er, Bezos bought the Wapo for.


Think of how bereft the movement is, that they have to go back to 1971 to find things to bitch about.


Look at that absolutely blank face.

He never thought Trump might be working for Russia.

Nobody sane did.

This was Obama's people panicking because they were sure that Hillary would win.

John Wayne’s comments about gay people and black Americans published in Playboy back in 1971 are now catching flak for being racist, homophobic and all-around offensive, regardless of the fact that he was born in 1907 and was making comments representative of many people's views in the 1970s. mrctv.org/blog/twitter-loses-i

Holy crap., @ThomasWic, MASSIVE COORDINATED MEDIA ROLLOUT today targeting Gen. Flynn supposedly as part of a cabal of US generals secretly negotiating to hand US nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia!

Then you read past the sexy headlines and it's all about nuclear power plants everybody wants to build there.

@ThomasWic Media feeding frenzy has already started. They are claiming Mueller has been sitting on "Flynn Secret Nuke Deal With Saudi Arabia" for over a year, this is the big 'gotcha!' they've been waiting for!


As a Venezuelan, I can tell you that Venezuela HAS NEVER FED THE POOR.

Venezuela inflicts poverty on its people as a means of keeping the ruling class in power.

@IndiaMaria @MitziDee

Trump has people on the inside.

For whatever reason, we're being told that Trump is a sitting duck for the Deep Fried Steak.

Well, then why has the palace coup failed on every level?

General Flynn's National Security Council picks were ALL people with no digital footprint. I found one video of one person. The rest are invisible.

Imagine the havoc they wreaked with their TS/SCI security clearances.

@paul_schmehl @tantan @Mary

A culture of lawlessness, fatalism, and corruption.

We had a country club, where all the employees were Venezuelan. They all wore white shirts and black ties.

The chief of staff instilled in them a culture of pride and dignity. They SERVED us, but they weren't servants.

It was THEIR club. We were guests at THEIR place of work.

By changing the mindset, the boss made his employees the best in the world.

But he was rare in Venezuela.

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