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So check this out.

NBC's Andy Lack, who Trump HATES, was in 2015 made CEO of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. GOOD LORD.

From 2015 onwards, the Beijing regime became more and more entrenched in US media. Lack = corrupt, seditious Hack.

I'm now more convinced than ever that the hammer will come down on FakeNews, as well as Obama admin crooks


There's no doubt that Democratic governors are trying to tank the economy.

You can't think when you're revved up.

Too many people are revved up all the time now, and we're seeing the result.


But this too shall pass.


LA is taking advantage of the pandemic by implementing demented leftist policies that will never go away.

The county doesn't give a damn about homeless people dying on the streets, but now they're trying to eradicate entire industries in order to "save lives."

This is a blatant attempt to take over much of the private sector and then raise taxes massively.

But the revenue will go to the pensions and benefits of government workers.

Everything is frenetic now, which is why we're seeing mass irrationality.

Today my brother and I agreed to put off my move until after the coming recession. That means at least another six months in this godforsaken craphole, but there's no doubt that the housing market is already contracting.


LA County is carrying out mass releases of prisoners.


But the sheriff opposes ALL incarceration.

You can safely ignore everything except the White House press briefings.

Everything else is manure.


The disease is deadly for the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.

How many of THEM are going to sporting events?

The panic-buying of toilet paper is all you need to know about your fellow citizens.

Monkey see, monkey do.

And of course the American press is now shilling for Communist China.

The press is telling u that testing is the answer to everything.


The South Koreans are wasting resources by having drive-through testing of everyone who wants a test.

They have to process 10,000 tests a day.

And then they count asymptomatic people as having survived due to medical treatment.

We're getting totally warped information about this.

The death rate in South Korea is artificially low.

They're counting ASYMPTOMATIC people.

Therefore people who are infected but never get sick are counted as somehow having been successfully treated by the medical system.

This is why we can't compare the US to any other country.

About 2 percent of people tested turn out to be positive.

That means that 98 percent of testing is a waste of time.

Here it is:

"Higher rates of testing can lead to lower death rates because more mild and asymptomatic cases are likely to be caught and factored into the ratio."

Got that?


The thing to do is to ignore the press entirely.

One sentence in this article negates everything we're being told.

Generally speaking, lifespan is determined by genetics.

Lifestyle can kill you, but how long you live is in your genes.

My parents smoked, drank, and ate nothing but fatty foods. Both made it to 85.

Bernie is a lying skunk.

But they may have to run him after all. Biden is totally off his rocker.


That guy clearly had metabolic syndrome.

He's a heart attack waiting to happen.

When my father was in the hospital after his quintuple bypass, his roommate was a Mexican man in his twenties. He weighed about 350 pounds.

The nurse came in one time when I was there.

"Oh, your legs are blue again," she said to the young man.

Later we saw him in his wheelchair on the balcony.


I could go on forever.

My city of mostly morbidly obese Mexicans who smoke and don't speak English.

The thinnest men look like this.

"Why didn't you take her in for a checkup?"

"Because she hates to go to the doctor."

"Well, now she's blind."

"But that's my MOTHER, man!"

"She's still blind, and now I have to report you to the Department of Social Services, or I could lose my license."

The son was flummoxed. He had no idea why any of this was happening.

So the paramedics came and took away the body, and the son followed, whirling his car keys around his finger and texting on his cellphone.

Another time, I'd taken my brother to his glaucoma specialist, and I goto hear the doctor tell a Mexican son that his mother was now blind and couldn't be helped.

The man burst into tears.

"That's my MOTHER, man! What am I gonna do?"

"Have you known that she's been going blind?" the doctor asked.


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