This means...absolutely nothing.

The "conservative" pundit class has proven that virtually none of them were actually on our side.

Seth Abramson just completed an unhinged, deranged and rather long thread on Mueller's Report.

As in, 365 TWEETS LONG. I kid you not.

He needs serious help. But it's also kind of funny. Enjoy:

Seth stopped at tweet 378, some 22 minutes ago.

Maybe the nice men and women in white uniforms showed up and gave him some 'happy pills'.

His thread is a long, meandering journey down a very, VERY black hole of conspiracy, imagination and sheer derangement.

Twitter should get him off the platform for a while, as he is clearly unwell.

But they won't.

Reporter: "Is it an impropriety for you to come out and sort of, what appears to be, sort of, spinning the report before the public gets a chance to read it?"

AG Bill Barr: "NO"

Then he turns around and walks away thereby ending the news conference.


When Alyssa Milano sicced the FBI on me, I asked them what I could do to help them evaluate the situation. I was 100 percent cooperative.

Milano told them I was crazy and violent toward women, so the female officer--they were cops attached to the FBI--challenged my statements in a less-than-friendly way.

I knew they were testing me, so when I reacted calmly, they closed the case and asked me for investment advice.

It pays to be smart.

@Oo @JM

I've lost track of the number of entertainers who I can't watch or listen to anymore.

@Jarhead_Vet @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @drawandstrike @REX

The "mental health counselor."

Does he still have a licence?

Methinks "harassing endlessly" is not kosher in his code of conduct.

"Ahoy, broken liberals and sniveling ⛴️⛴️⛴️⛴️Fredocons...

Trump beat you.


He's victorious.

You're scrambling to deflect from your utter humiliation.

But we're never gonna let you.

Your failure is total.

You lose.




My one line takeaway : Ben Shapiro is a gossip and rumor monger, who gaslights for clickbait and $. He's a Never Trumper , paid by Never Trumpers, to Never Trump, 24/7.

This is despicable. Only a weakling and coward would post a tweet like this. Ben's a loser.


That guy again?

Why does he have Rosenstein in there?

Remember when he said that McMaster and Petraeus were puppets of the Jews?

Not a person I want to be associated with on any level.


My brother is a Pink Floyd fanatic.

He made me go see The Wall with him. I thought it would never end. Roger Waters is the world's oldest, most bitter teenager.

I always preferred Led Zeppelin, whose music is as fresh today as it was forty years ago.

This famous drum intro has defied replication for decades.


"Democrats: Please send your apologies to President Trump at his current address:

White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

Note: He will be accepting mail at this address for six more years."


@DuaneCates @ThomasWic
I personally find favor with your new word... mind I borrow it from time to time Sir..

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