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Sidney Powell: There is a large number of active election fraud court cases ongoing contrary to what you have heard.

Trump and the GOP won 2/3 of the 21 cases heard with evidence.

Please stop by here for the list which is kept updated.

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Did Trump invoke the Insurrection Act?

‘Based upon the DNI report and related intelligence, President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act placing authority and responsibility upon U. S. military commands to proceed with their statutory duties to defeat the insurrection and preserve constitutional government.’

74 Harvesting and Mule Rings: Where They Were, How They Did It, And The Impact - Our Work is Now Corroborated.
Capt. Seth Keshel



Fauci’s touted singular COVID hospital treatment of remdesivir is a failure. Remdesir causes organ/kidney failure yet he pushed it on the American people as the sole treatment and disavowed any early intervention.

FAA imposes flight restrictions over TX bridge where over 10,000 migrants have taken shelter… via @LUnyielding Fox News drone hardest hit.

'''JV Team' routs American military, takes over Afghanistan, humiliates POTUS and holds hundreds of American hostages.''

There's the headline for what's happened.

Anyone who voted for Biden needs to be called out. They share the blame in what has happened, and what's going to happen.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.