So, women can walk around topless in six US states, & that is a win for feminists. Yet voluntarily posing for a centerfold, making a pile of cash, is objectifying? Who can possibly keep up with what is deemed acceptable to the ?

LOL: Ex-Swedish Prime Minister warned Bernie Sanders about the economic dangers of . , suckers? Marxist lies.

Sh*thole Report: Another liberal-run city is being overrun by street crime.

“the city council…ran on an anti-police agenda and they all made it. It’s ultra-left. It’s been [an] extreme Democrat-controlled council…it’s been that way for 22 years. And [the mayor] didn’t think he could get a large number [of cops] through.”

BONGINO: The Best CNN Takedown Video I’ve Seen - a coordinated media/liberal hit on the Trump team in an effort to scare them away from investigating massive Obama administration corruption...

According to Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, Zuckerberg admitted that bias played a role in the decision to limit the reach of content from pro-life group Live Action & its founder, Lila Rose.

Been Zucked? Fed up with fascism? Delete Your @Facebook Account! <--Drain YOUR Piece of the Swamp!

Democrats are social engineers who want to control the population of the entire world b/c the Marxists among them decided it’s causing global warming. We are now the Chinese, ripping babies from the wombs of mothers & mandating how many kids they can have.

Ponder our Brave New World, where cow farts & cattle ranches are gone. Consider the call for victims from all over the world to be given asylum in the USA.

The 2020 Democratic candidates are certifiable. Take Julián Castro & his bigoted campaign manager, for example. They seem to think borders & asylum laws, passed by Congress & signed into law by the President, are "racist".

Even though the details are classified, Deep State intel operatives are leaking enough that we can assess with a reasonable degree of confidence that the latest scandal being peddled by Schifty the Stupid (among others) is as phony as the Russia conspiracy theory he pushed until the Mueller/Weissmann report turned out to be a dry hole.

The most senseless member of Congress is the odious & sanctimonious Swami Swiffty the Clueless (Dim-CALIF) Like Lady Macbeth, he lacks humanity, & he burns with ambition. In the span of just under 3 years, he has become Trump-deranged, incoherent, a man grasping at any thread w/which to bring the president down...

It is disturbing that the intensely amoral notion of causing pain & ultimately death to a human body has become purely one of a subjective nature. Meet the kind of moral relativism justified by advocates for on demand.

The reaction of prominent Democrats, the party's national standard-bearers, is perhaps the most depressing element of this story. They are so morally bankrupt that they don't even hesitate to slander a good man.

Hilarious: Trudeau, the Beto O'Rourke of Canada, Can’t Say How Many Times He’s Worn Blackface , eh?

LOL - Quote: “The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to take initial steps to potentially hold former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in contempt over his refusal to answer questions at this week’s hearing before the panel, multiple sources tell CNN.”

“Preparing” to take “initial steps” to “potentially” hold him in contempt?

Giuliani: I Didn’t Ask Ukraine To Investigate Biden, And Also, “Of Course I Did” OOPS.

If California wants to make tax-return releases a requirement for federal office, they should go about it the proper way — propose a constitutional amendment.

LOL: The 2020 Democrats have lurched so far left that even some of their own party leaders are starting to cringe.Former Obama officials, for instance, are now desperately urging their Party's presidential candidates to stop advocating for controversial open-borders immigration policies.

In the end, the Democrats' smearing of Brett Kavanaugh is about delegitimizing the Supreme Court -- the only institution that will inhibit the Marxist agenda no matter who wins elections.

In 2014, when Johnson was ’s Board Chair, there were 1,101 black babies aborted for every 1,000 born alive. Johnson conveniently never talks about that grim reality.

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