Massachusetts Sen. PocaHonkey has overtaken former VP Joe "Burisma" Biden in Iowa, according to a new Des Moines Register/CNN poll.

There are four stories about Ocommio-Cortex on if anyone actually wants to read'em.


The most senseless member of Congress is the odious & sanctimonious Swami Swiffty the Clueless (Dim-CALIF) Like Lady Macbeth, he lacks humanity, & he burns with ambition. In the span of just under 3 years, he has become Trump-deranged, incoherent, a man grasping at any thread w/which to bring the president down...

LOL - Quote: “The House Judiciary Committee is preparing to take initial steps to potentially hold former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in contempt over his refusal to answer questions at this week’s hearing before the panel, multiple sources tell CNN.”

“Preparing” to take “initial steps” to “potentially” hold him in contempt?

In 2014, when Johnson was ’s Board Chair, there were 1,101 black babies aborted for every 1,000 born alive. Johnson conveniently never talks about that grim reality.

David Limbaugh: The Idolatry of Environmental Extremism

Pocahonkey Gets Pressed by Colbert as She Dodges on If She’d Raise Taxes for the Middle Class (She lies)

Unindicted Felon @Ilhan Omar Calls for Trump to Be Suspended from Twitter

Brace yourself, Ilhan's has been twiggered by someone tweeting something!

ZOUNDS! Trump’s threatening to sic the EPA on San Francisco over the filth generated by the homeless who are growing in numbers thanks to liberal [leftist] policies. Trump accused the city of allowing a tremendous amount of waste, including needles, to go through storm drains into the ocean.

Mainstream media savaged Nadler's impeachment hearing questioning of Corey Lewandowski (with an assist from Nancy Pelosi)

There is ample reason to suspect that Rep. @Ilhan Omar has committed multiple frauds. It is time for a Federal Grand Jury, @TheJusticeDept.

Comrade ChuckYou Lies: I Don’t Know Of A Single Who Supports Bobby O’Rourke On Gun Confiscation

Hapless Democrats, stuck in Watergate mode, bungle Lewandowski testimony (or "@RepJerryNadler is a clown.)

Why is Ilhan Omar hiding the identity of her father?

Other family members have also tried to scrub social media evidence, LOL. Pathetic losers.

Lewandoski steals spotlight in @HouseDemocrats’ political impeachment farce - @RepJerryNadler a laughing stock.

Granny Maojackets Is Shotgunning Boxes of Franzia Now

America's most obnoxious alcoholic grandmother left her porch rocker to scare the neighbor kids with stories again.

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. After spending 4 days mired in controversy over some of the sloppiest journalism in an era of sloppy journalism, The New York Times decided to jettison its last vestiges of being a serious news source w/ a long article on the bowel movements of women

"Is Tim Mynett's wife telling the truth about your affair?" Omar was asked on Capitol Hill after a press conference. "Have you violated campaign finance law at all?"

Miss "Omar" did not answer.

The Rule of Holes: Flatbacker KKKomrade KKKamala Calls For Investigation Of Kavanaugh, Comrade Pressley Introduces Impeachment Resolution. It is to laugh.

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