Trump Says There Will Be a 'Major Middle Income Tax Cut' in 2020 if GOP Wins House & Senate

Cue Snowflake Tears, Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth.

The always-furious Comrade @SenSanders wants to incarcerate the very people who are responsible for keeping the lights on & the air conditioners running in the operating rooms of almost every hospital, not only in America but across the globe. 101

"What does it take to drive a liberal mad, crazy, insane, or whatever?"

The answer is not much, or further confirmation that these people need a life ...

As of last Friday, crews began construction on 247 miles of 30-foot-high wall in Arizona & New Mexico.

Imagine if a conservative asserted that the patrician elitism that makes up the left erected something called "The Church of the Everlasting Contempt for the Unwashed Masses" & then asserted that the worshipers also had shooting ranges in the sanctuary. Naw, that would be crazy.

The contrasting reactions of conservatives and liberals to the news that libertarian philanthropist David Koch died and that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is suffering from a serious health problem highlight a fundamental difference between them.

Senator Tom Cotton: It Was My Idea To Buy , Not Trump’s -- A YEAR Ago

shithole Baltimore Asks Governor For Help, While Refusing to Lift a Finger to Help its Plantation slaves.

A common claim among Democrats running for office is that climate change is one of the most important issues for voters. So why is the DNC refusing to let 2020 presidential candidates debate the matter on national TV?

San Francisco is a city w/ “woke” leaders desperately trying to implement the latest politically correct polices, while problems are exploding on their watch. It is a sad state of affairs, in fact, it might be called criminal, but, unfortunately, that word is no longer allowed in Poopville

Ocasio-Cortez has never let reality get in the way of her fantasies – like her belief that socialism, the Green New Deal and other ideas that would destroy our economy & millions of jobs are just wonderful.

Noteworthy in Carlson’s commentary is the fact that the @DNC declined having a climate change debate. Why?

Gaffe Machine: Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden Wrongly Claims 40 Students Were Killed at Kent State in 1970

Biden Gaffes Again: Says His Healthcare Plan 'Not Quality,' 'Will Increase Premiums'

After CNN’s Brian Stelter ranted about Fox News hiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump press secretary, @CNN hired Andrew McCabe, the dirty cop fired for "lack of candor". They rewarded one of the authors of the Russiagate conspiracy. What has happened to our country?

It is often said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. @TheDemocrats, however, are taking that truism to unprecedented levels. Jumping on the Democrat 2020 bandwagon, but careful not to make it too noticeable, are China, Iran, & the globalists.

There can be little doubt that violence is being employed by the American Left to intimidate their opponents into silence, & that the leaders of the not only refuse to condemn it, they are now ENCOURAGING it.

Has the white half of @BarackObama gone white supremacist? Is the lavish house on Martha’s Vineyard just purchased by the former first couple one of those racist “dog whistles” that so often are able to hear?

Michael Mann, creator of the infamous global warming ‘hockey stick,’ loses lawsuit against climate skeptic, ordered to pay defendant’s costs

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.