As the current Democrat primary campaign & debates are being unveiled, the “diversity” touted by progressives is a fiction that camouflages their rigid ideological conformity. Just ask Pete Buttigieg...

A leading Republican said he will make a criminal referral to the Justice Dept concerning special counsel Mueller’s case against Trump adviser George Papadopoulos in connection to Russia “dirt” tipster Mifsud.

Debate of the Killer Bs:

Bolshevik Bernie, Brainless Biden, Blundering Bloomberg & Boisterous Buttigieg

Weaponizing Coronavirus Threat Against Trump - Creating public panic and ushering in pandemonium best suits their purpose

BuzzFeed has a story out today claiming Rush Limbaugh accused the deep state of creating the virus to take down the President. That is a complete fabrication, made up out of whole cloth. What he said is the media & the Democrats are enjoying the stock market plummet, hoping it will take out Trump.

The President has very decent approval ratings with Hispanics, judging from the polls. Could it be because Hispanics are just like everyone else & shouldn’t be classified & judged by as one big block of voters?

Bombshell report says that a growing group of @DNC superdelegates & party leaders are planning a coup to stop democratic socialist [COMMUNIST] Bernie Sanders at the nominating convention in Milwaukee this summer.

The Sanders plan: An all-out assault on the American economy &, in particular, on the energy-producing states including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska & Texas.

"At a minimum, the would impose large & recurring costs on American households. We conclude that among the 11 states analyzed, the GND would cost a typical household a minimum of $74,287 in the first year of implementation."

Deadbeat Dad:

Bernie Sanders chose not to work while his young son was being raised in poverty by a single mother. Why did he chose not to work, take unemployment & run for office 4 times while his son was living on welfare?

The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act did not receive the 60 votes necessary to advance out of the Senate. The final tally was 56 for, 41 against, with every single vote against the bill cast by Democrats. from .

At Tuesday’s debate in South Carolina, @theDemocrats did the usual thing, promising African Americans everything. It was blatant vote-buying with taxpayer money. Sen. Tim Scott found it an “embarrassing performance,” “patronizing,” & “a hot mess,” & had more to say about the blatant pandering...

This is a cover up of information the public ought to expect from a leading candidate for president. It is time for @SenSanders to end the cover-up. I am as serious as a heart attack.

Comrade Sanders' Denmark delusion is hampered by the simple fact that Denmark is not a socialist country. (Shh, don't tell his useful idiots!)

This fire, rather than being fueled by dead trees & mismanaged forests, is instead fueled by Trump hatred & near dead politicians wishing to turn America into a communist dictatorship.

The reason are again raising the prospect of Russian interference is to undermine the credibility of this year's election should Trump win again, as seems increasingly likely. Democrats have been unable to stomach, not only his 2016 election, but also his economic successes.

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