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The Biden “presidency” is a wrecking ball, by design. All this destruction and chaos is the goal, not the result of incompetence. They are not afraid, they don’t fear public opinion and they don’t fear elections. But Donald Trump scared the shit out of them, which means we do, too. This is why I believe we will win in the end - but the waiting is excruciating.

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Slow Joe has become the personification of the corruption that infects America. And it is this corruption that is ultimately responsible for the shitshow we’re witnessing. I’m tired of giving a pass by blaming incompetence, bureaucracy, blah blah blah. WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS? I’ll tell you where- keeping a low profile so they can stay on the taxpayer-funded gravy train with all the rest of these lying corrupt bastards both elected and unelected. There, I said it.

the afghanistan (or is it more properly ahfgahneestahn?) debacle sure has pushed everything else off the front page. Open border, election fraud, out of control crime to name a few - the common thread between all being marxist ideologues and their useful idiots who think they will somehow benefit running the show. They hope that by turning on slow joe they can deflect the blame for that which they are directly responsible.

I think it’s a mistake to attribute this latest fiasco to slow joe - he’s nothing more than an empty vessel. The radical left (obama, rice, jarrett, et al) is in charge and truth be told, they may not be all that upset to see the USA get taken down a peg on the world stage, while they remain publicly blameless. All current policies seem designed to destabilize our society, erase our history, or cripple our economy. I hope this isn’t a plan but rather they’re just arrogant, incompetent fools.

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....Biden's policies have proved to be little more than confused and at times contradictory gestures.

The smirking Putin returned home to intensify pressure on Ukraine, boost the Belarusian despot Viktor Lukashenko, unveil the largest nuclear submarine in history and even threaten to sink a British warship in Ukrainian waters.

Had an unexpected visit from a dear friend today. John is a WWII veteran, fought at the Battle of the Bulge with the 75th Infantry. He owned the business next to mine with his son until he retired due to failing health.

Our conversation inevitably drifted to politics and sadly, he told me he questions why he went to war when he sees what’s happening to our country. He was just a kid when he enlisted. Then he said God must have a plan. Probably the same attitude that got him through the war.

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Our county GOP was reorganizing and tonight was the a rural SC church.

I resolutely headed over there. It was packed.

My precinct needed 10 delegates. There were 10 people, including me, at the table. Some were acting hesitant.

I told them we did not show up to just sit there and everybody better click their dang pen. We all signed up.

Then the head county GOP guy for the county broke the news we needed 6 officers.

I am president of my precinct, y’all. Oh lort. 😃🇺🇸

One of the things that strikes me through this whole sorry episode is how truly incompetent our “leaders” are. (My gov is DeWine)

Incompetence and arrogance are a terrible combination, right Cuomo?

Answer is common sense people getting involved in local meetings so the fools know we’re watching.

Remember it’s not R vs D - it’s the ruling class vs everyone else. (And there are a lot more of everyone else)

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Look Ahead America (Matt Braynard):

Voter Integrity Reform: State Policy Objectives

- Write you and call your state legislators about the importance of voter integrity reforms. You can use LAA's policy objectives (attached) as a reference for ideas.

- Start to organize those in your neighborhood, social groups, and church who share your view. Collect their names and numbers and ask them to also reach out to the state representatives.

The inmates are really running the asylum. Their absurdity truly knows no bounds. Everyday something crazier than the day before. Womxn? Dr Suess? Etc etc

Fair question: is there some strategic reason for this behavior or are they just nuts? If the former, I would be less dismissive.

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I suppose it's time to pay 25 bucks and join the Republican Committee for my county. Looks like it's how one takes part in the nominating process. I'm ready to expand my sphere of influence.

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