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He claimed to have been awarded a Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Distinguished Service Cross for his service. Hamm also represented that he was related to Harold Hamm, the billionaire oilman in Oklahoma, which he claimed gave him access to financial resources and oil industry

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@karnage Whenever something like this happens, one of the first things that pops into my head is “why now”?

@karnage Rather than justice being served after a lifetime of this behavior, a cynic might think he outlived his usefulness to the ruling class and refused to move along quietly. Anyone else who could be in that situation now or in the near future come to mind?

@Jaygarza1 Way to take one for the team! You’re a better man than I!

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God help us all if there isn't.

Because while Vladimir Putin is an evil bastard, he understands full well what is real and what is not.

A Russian siege of Kyiv is real. As those poor Ukrainian citizens, many who have stayed based on fake propaganda, are about to find out.

The West is driving the Russians and Chinese closer and closer together. It's beyond dumb, but dumb is what they do.


The end.

@SQ Termination!!??? This authoritarian apparatchik abuses her position to violate the FUNDAMENTAL rights of these men because of political ideology (read her tweets), stealing a year of their lives in the process and the consequence should be losing her job??

Levin talked about the MTG letter tonight. It’s even more heart-wrenching hearing it than reading it.

For me, the most telling thing is the fact that only a few reps felt compelled to DO SOMETHING! Where are you Dave Joyce, et al?

The epitome of an self-important, amoral, grifting, climber - wait isn’t that the job description of a washington politician?

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"During a brief news conference just a day after he was sworn in, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook remained tight-lipped. He declined to divulge the number of suspects involved, who — if anyone — witnessed the attack, or whether it was the latest in a string of violent robberies targeting the rich and famous in and around Los Angeles."

@AngryDuey @SusanInVA How dare you insult carnies by comparing them to politicians!

@SusanInVA fwiw, my prediction: anyone who thinks republicans would be as vindictive and ruthless as the radical left will be disappointed. McCarthy is playing to the base, or better yet, playing the base.

Our effort must be directed toward reducing the concentration of power in Washington. What would that look like? Imagine 30-40 states governing like Florida.

@Lonestar oh boy, our next printing project! Thanks for the idea.

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Hey FBI. Seen this face in your offices.
He was involved in trying to take down a sitting President.

@RJM63 @YoungBlood That too. That’s partly how the left took over the dem party.

@YoungBlood Call me cynical, but in addition to formidable adversaries, we also have to be aware that electing republicans isn’t a guarantee of anything.

We’re fighting a ruling class comprised of two sides: ideological marxists/true believers and corrupt grifters who see “public service” as road to power and wealth.

Unfortunately, many repubs are the go along to get along type, who aren’t fighters which enables a ratchet effect, stemming but not reversing the tide.

@YoungBlood Rinos dewine, faber and larose behind the plan to get rid of jordan

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