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Crazy town. I think I need to go to bed and cover my head….you know the thing

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He claimed to have been awarded a Purple Heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Distinguished Service Cross for his service. Hamm also represented that he was related to Harold Hamm, the billionaire oilman in Oklahoma, which he claimed gave him access to financial resources and oil industry

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God help us all if there isn't.

Because while Vladimir Putin is an evil bastard, he understands full well what is real and what is not.

A Russian siege of Kyiv is real. As those poor Ukrainian citizens, many who have stayed based on fake propaganda, are about to find out.

The West is driving the Russians and Chinese closer and closer together. It's beyond dumb, but dumb is what they do.


The end.

The epitome of an self-important, amoral, grifting, climber - wait isn’t that the job description of a washington politician?

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"During a brief news conference just a day after he was sworn in, Beverly Hills Police Chief Mark Stainbrook remained tight-lipped. He declined to divulge the number of suspects involved, who — if anyone — witnessed the attack, or whether it was the latest in a string of violent robberies targeting the rich and famous in and around Los Angeles."

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Hey FBI. Seen this face in your offices.
He was involved in trying to take down a sitting President.

I couldn’t bring myself to print the f word - just too vulgar for my taste. But this works. Got some thumbs up driving, neighbors want some. Now it looks like we’ll have to do some Let’s go Brandon! Hard to stay ahead of trends these days.

Can you spot what doesn't belong?
Low resolution, but printable for those so inclined.

Friends, family and I have distributed about 3000 of these. My personal favorite is putting them inside obama’s book at barnes and noble. Added a convenient hole for hanging them on retail displays.

@TearGasBreakfast What does it say about a political party that would nominate such a man in obvious decline? Or an opposition party that sits on their hands to let him “win”? Who could believe that they have the best interests of the US at heart?

Truth be told, the ruling class is perfectly happy with what the government has become - a huge money laundering operation that benefits the well-connected at the expense of the deplorables

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Seems like the ruling class is losing control of the narrative because of the abundance of alternative sources of information. So far they tried to censor and/or discredit but that strategy seems to be a loser.

To gain back control, they MUST stop these alternatives. Question for the techs - is it possible to deny internet access to specific IP addresses? Either information providers or consumers?

Is so, is there any recourse?

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For a long time I was the crazy one talking about an out of control ruling class and how it threatened our way of life. Most people were doing just fine, thank you. Losing liberty was too abstract/too theoretical. It was hard to convince most people there was anything to worry about.
So complacency ruled, enabling and encouraging the massive corruption we now see.
Self government is work-look no further than school board meetings or football games COMPLACENT NO MORE! Do whatever you can!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.