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"A Black Woman In Charge Of Black Genocide...

CBS Skips President Trump’s March for Life Speech, Runs Interview With Planned Parenthood CEO"

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Hear, hear!👏 👏 Nothing better than a fiery thread by Carlos. It's like reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' on the 24th. 😄

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Remember how I've told you about the Yemeni Republican Guard, trained by Saudi Arabia?

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I thought they weren’t allowed to bring in electronics. Schiff and the Apple Watch lady need to be called out. The rules only apply to “other” people.

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This is where I inform all of the Quod family.

Instead of anti-bacterial cleaners and lotions, find sources for anti-microbials. There is a very important distinction.

Anti-bacterial go for germs in nature.

Anti Microbial is exactly what it says, it goes after virus microbes.

ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your face or any food.

Get into the wash habit as I have not had a viral cold or flu for several years. When I last did, I could trace it to a specific time I didn't.

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Bad couple days for the Left.

Trump to attend March for Life

Trump thumps the EU at Davos

Trump changing the WTO

Puerto Rico going Trump

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski "insulted" by Dems

Even Roberts slammed Nadler

This MUST be what Heaven is like!!

@Debradelai Happy Anniversary Sir. Thank you for starting this wonderful platform & for inviting me to join.

Winning! And because Trump is Pro-life we got our room 1/2 price.

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Dems now get 3 days to present their case.

This is a McConnell masterstroke.

Can you tell me why?

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That's right Adam... preach to the Senate what their moral obligation is. That'll go over like a led zepplin.

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1. Oh man.

Key excerpt from McConnell's resolution for the Senate Trial:

'Following the House of Representatives presentation, the President shall make his presentation for a period not to exceed 24 hours, over up to 2 session days.'

READ the resolution (below in link). Ignore the FakeNews.

This is NOT being set up for quick acquittal.

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every dem candidate supports this - abortion up to the moment of birth. Infanticide. MURDER of the most innocent.

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