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Training for a new job and having all these different logins makes me feel like this.

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My only comment is that we're not coming apart at the seams.

Trump is showing us that most Americans REJECT what the Democrats are offering.

It's hard for most people to understand this, but Trump created a nation within a nation before he ran for president.

He's got EVERYTHING covered, and he's helping ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE fall off the ledge.

Trump left nothing to chance.

Things WILL happen the way he says they will.

He's seen to that.

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My 2 go to sites for info are ASP's YouTube Channel & James Yeager's Tactical Response.

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This is why I always carry a Knife, sometimes a Gun and an ATTITUDE that's more useful than either.
I hit, shoot or stab BACK when my situational awareness fails me.
How many people did she hurt/kill before they caught her.
People have to believe that when a Demon is captured the FULL WEIGHT of Justice will fall upon them.
This is a deliberate erosion from Trust to CONTROL by the Authorities.

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And this is what it's all about! They want to ban all criticism so they can do whatever they want in order to shape America into their vision.

Squadster Tlaib: Pelosi Better Watch It With Her Attitude and Rhetoric Toward Four Women of Color

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As an immigrant, I would like to tell Ilhan Omar: I love America. America gave my family and me opportunities I never would have had anywhere else. Unlike you, I am proud to call myself an American. America is incredible and special. My family has never asked for a handout—but what my parents and I have, we have because we grasped the opportunities offered and protected in our new country. For these opportunities, we are eternally grateful.

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Over the weekend, a man who identifies as a woman won two gold medals at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

Laurel Hubbard, 41, formerly Gavin Hubbard, “won two gold medals and a silver in the three heavyweight categories, for women weighing more than 87 kilograms, or 192 pounds, finishing first in the snatch-lift and combined categories and second in the clean-and-jerk,” The Washington Times reported.

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The RNC releases a brutal new campaign ad highlighting the extreme rhetoric coming from The Squad

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@Elaines2cents I've been out for 2 days myself. From what I've been able to gather since logging in tonight, every dem jumped in to various issues face first and the dem party is now officially one big dumpster fire. I picture an extremely long length of primacord and the match has been lit.

@Lemonhead @carolinacally

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The MSM has been saying that Trump has made progressives stronger by uniting them behind the four horsewomen of the apocalypse.


Every time we hear them open their mouths and spew religious deception, tribulations, martyrdom, persecutions, lawlessness, and call for the desecration of our churches and temples. We know that they are waging war agains our freedom.

And, As we hear the pounding of hoofs in the distance, WE become even more determined to hold our ground..

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Last night I set the computer to send you a video titled Insurrection 2.

Of course it failed to load.

NOW the video is loaded, and the transcript was already sent.


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Even though some of us are screwed with RAT representatives, if they know we're pissed, that's just as good!

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