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Would you be willing to get a Covid vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check? How one bold proposal would work

Next, the Left will be offering you money to be chipped, being sterilized, having your baby aborted, voting for RATs (oh, yes, they already do that), & the list goes on.

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In Braveheart, William Wallace KNEW he was walking into a trap set by the English.

But it was the Scots who stabbed him in the back so they could "get the scraps" off of the English table.

And just like the Scottish, our Republicans are stabbing our William Wallace in the back, so they could get their cozy lands and sinecures back from their Progressive masters.

The GOP doesn't think there will ever be a Robert the Bruce "BLEED WITH ME!" moment from Americans.

They're dead fucking wrong.

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Excuse me for one minute........"AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

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Prayers warriors worldwide... lift us up in half and hour please.

Nate Cain (Parler: NateCain)


"President Trump is asking all Christians to pray today at 4:00 ET when they go to the Supreme Court.

Also, 3 members of our team have provided expert witness testimony and declarations with exhibits that are being filed in all 6 states and in the District of Columbia today."

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I lost my big brother 17 years ago today. It's still so raw. I chose these two pics because they're so similar despite one taking place in the 80s and the other in early 2000.

I love you, Mike!

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Could it be that this one's ass is on fire?

Georgia Secretary of State Partially Bends The Knee, Acknowledges ‘Ballots Were Counted Unlawfully And In Secret’

The Georgia Secretary of State's office now acknowledges that Republicans were not present while votes were counted in Georgia.

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For QV veterans, this is a video I think you will find interesting.

Pearl Harbor Hero Returns Home After 75 Years in an Unknown Grave | National Geographic

After nearly 75 years in an "unknown" grave, a Pearl Harbor hero is returned to his family.

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@ScottAdamsSays: "When you see how little the Democrats understand about what is happening in the news, I feel sorry for them.

>@jentaub: 'Scott — you are smarter than this. Surely you have looked at the court filings and transcripts where the Trump campaign lawyers have said they are not alleging fraud. '"

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Secret ballot counting in Georgia. This is smoking hot.

Has everyone noticed that somehow video cameras were installed without the knowledge of the crooks, BEFORE the count?

They were being WATCHED.

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I'm no fool. There is video evidence all over the place. GA counters pull our suitcases filled with ballots after clearing out polling station.

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: Six men at imminent risk of having their fingers amputated following unfair trials and torture

This is the barbaric regime that the likes of Obama & others in the West wish to further appease.

It is absolutely disgusting.

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Sometimes the Critical Drinker is just a movie critic. Sometimes he speaks to the core of who we are and what we are throwing away in the name of diversity. If this doesn't move your soul......

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9. 'Hundreds of Small Cyber Teams..tons of statisticians...several States'

They found QSnatch embedded into the system allowing manipulation of the votes.


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1. The spectacular and deserved collapse of FOX is 100% deserved.

And the ultimate example thus far of

This should suprise no one. Lachlan Murdoch is yet another decadent, detached rich boy with very little skill at business.

His OneTel disaster in Australia years ago tells you everything you need to know. Quite simply, he's got no idea.

Want to know how insane these rich kids are?

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