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"list of outlets that organize and staff familiarization trips to China. This includes recruiting top journalists to travel to China, selected for effectiveness and opportunities for favorable coverage."
The Atlantic
Fox News
New York times
Los Angeles times
Chicago tribune
the Guardian
The New Yorker
The Financial Times
Yahoo finance
Washington Post
U.S. News & World Report
San Francisco Chronicle

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Biden admits “most extensive voter fraud organization in the nation.”
Freudian slip?


seems like a good comparison of two different recessions 1990 and 2008.

The discussion is based on unemployment rates.
Keep in mind the dimms are notorious for changing the meanings. Do they also
change the criteria of employed vs unemployed?

Seems with automation and shipping jobs off shore this is not a very good barometer.

My experience during both those times did not effect my immediate situations however my retirement $$$ was greatly impacted.

The raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was reportedly sparked by an ongoing probe into the box loads of materials the ex-president took with him to Florida when he left the White House — including notes from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and even a cocktail napkin.

I just couldn't resist! 😆
Watch "We Remade Top Gun: Maverick For $20" on YouTube

I think I may have identified AOC's REAL father!

Watch "Mr. Obvious - Disposal" on YouTube

This morning Bidet said "We can't thank you enough for your service, and that's not hyperbole!". And he repeated it 30 seconds later.

Will someone PLEASE explain to this moron what 'hyperbole' means? It's become his new favorite word so he should at least know what the fuck it means!

Trump pleads the Fifth. Hahahahaha!

The only thing I want to know is if he did it as entertainingly as Dave Chappelle.

Fiiif Chappelle Show - Fifth Amedment

@Debradelai @Lemonhead @jrwinger


Um... er... ah...

Well nobody's perfect.

Hope he has learned his lessons well. If he gets another shot...

Apparently, FBI agents spent more time smelling Melania's underwear than looking for records...

Hats off to Thor on Tuesday.

It's deposition day for Thor.

Have you ever had to be sworn in at a deposition?

I have a hard time listening to these lawyers giving my darling a hard time.

He loves the battle and needs a battle cry after he works through one.



He would not go that far? Only expropriate "the evil super rich"?

Communists are getting more idiotic by the hour.

another impeachment rat down

does msdnc have enough money to hire all of these assholes?


Merrick Garland may very well still be working out his Mitch McConnell daddy issues but he’s also the puppet president’s puppet. The prime directive of this Democratic hive mind is to keep Donald Trump off of the ballot in 2024 because they know that he will destroy them.

Here we go again. Look over there - Trump has to release his tax returns....again.
NEWS: DC Circuit court of appeals rules that House Ways and Means Committee can access Trump's tax returns.

How many years has NY's AG dept. had Trump's tax returns after the courts ruling in that case? The old song & dance routine of Trump's taxes being his downfall, whenever he bests them. They've never found anything because there's nothing to find.

@watch4thedrop —Absolutely correct!

What we are witnessing is the last desperate attempt of the Establishment to hold onto power on the Beltway.

The last thing these folks want is an army of Trump, Youngkin, DeSantis, Noem, and Lake-type statesmen who will take a blowtorch and sledgehammer to their corruption.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @BirdDog

Atheists don’t do God’s work. They’re employed by the other guy.

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