I don’t post very much but love supporting this forum and try to take time to read the great information that is always timely and informative! I want to say thank you all for having a collective voice that stands up during tough times! I really enjoy the posts of so many of you QV peeps!

Good morning! Happy Friday! Beautiful autumn-like weather in Ohio. Trump 2024 sticker on my vehicle nearly got me ran off the road last week. Hubby took it off my car and put one on his truck lol 😂
His exact words: Bring it bitches! 😂😂😂

Just gave Ukraine another 520,000,000
Meanwhile our government has almost shut down because we can’t pay our bills here at home.

520,000,000 for Ukraine
700 bucks for Maui residents
No surprise here

Happy Saturday Everyone!
I just want to say I have zero regards for the Ohio candidate Vivek Ramaswamy after his negative comments on Israel. He can go pound sand for all I care. I stand with Israel 🇮🇱

I was curious because President Trump referenced this lady and to view her speech.
Here it is. I looked up some information on her because I have never heard of her. Please listen if you have time. Hugs 🤗

Happy Friday. This is from the USA.gov official transcript of the conversations during the impeachment of Donald Trump.
I encourage you to read every line, every word, then reflect on the events over the last few months.

Off work on a Friday night. It’s rare. Enjoying some relaxation. Reading great information on QV.

Took my grandson to paintball this weekend. This is my hubby with him. It’s a lot of fun 🤩

My German shepherd keeps tapping the robotic vacuum with his nose and restarting the clean cycle. He is obsessed with the thing lol 😂

Happy Friday evening my QV friends!
So Happy to be at home on a Friday night! Enjoying reading the great posts tonight!
Typically I am working!

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