Just listening to this song brings back so many memories from the 1980’s. Those of us who grew up then are truly blessed.

Ohio is still not on the list for assistance from the Biden crew
Clean water is still needed
What a shame the current President can’t help

Good morning sunshine ☀️
Another sunny balmy 60 degree day in ohio. Where’s the snow? Someone said we will end up with a blizzard next month in Ohio. I am not complaining but I do love the snow.

Vivek Ramaswamy
He’s in Ohio
The name (man) is on fire 🔥
Trump VP! Oh yes

Is 47 sunny headed to the range for some target 🎯 practice. I am taking my Glock 19. A little early Valentines Day treat: range day! I think target practice and drills are a great stress relief!

Good morning QV! I haven’t seen any balloons 🎈 floating over my house. If I do I am going to hope they escaped from a local child’s birthday party, or better yet a “weather” related strong wind that brought from China…. Oh wait a minute…..the winds only flow directly to Montana 😂😂

Happy Sunday. !!
My millennial adult child just realized that stopping the daily Starbucks drink saves 60.00+ per week in their family. “Mom! A huge tin of coffee is only 10.00.”
The eye rolls from my end because I was on the phone! Lol 😂
I say: “Awesome! Great move!”
(You can’t tell them these things they learn for themselves!)

Well the police chief is recommending 7am-7pm and purge hours the rest of the time in the next county over.
Manpower shortages and the huge increase In crime (drugs, rapes, assaults, break-ins) is stretching this police police force to working 7 days a week to keep two officers on per day. I’m sure this is not an isolated situation. There are many reasons we are in this situation.
I could list a few. Let me start at the top.
Thanks Joe Bite-me. I blame him and him alone.

A few declassified documents were also found in his depends

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