For @Alex_Graham

You wrote, "Good video about the riots in Charlottesville, VA.

"Makes you question the 'police stand down' conspiracy theory."

The video is propaganda. The filmmaker was unable to contain his political views.

In reality ANTIFA went there to fight.

The filmmaker refuses to call Antifa what they are.

Secondly, the filmmaker says that the police "weren't ready" on the morning of the violence.

THAT is because they were ordered to NOT BE READY.

As soon as the crowds formed, the cops should've taken control.

They did not, and they have no valid reason for not taking control.

The filmmaker says that only eight were arrested because they were worried about "further igniting" the violence.

THAT is a stand-down order.

The Spanish police don't believe in allowing violent protestors to take over cities.

Eight cops versus a mob.

The filmmaker says that the city wanted the demonstration held in a huge park instead the small space initially approved.

Does that make sense to you?

Guess what DHS riot cops do?

They put demonstrators in small spaces and surround them, protecting them from Antifa.

If the demonstration had been held in large park, the cops would've had THAT as their excuse for not doing anything.

Now the filmmaker is flat-out lying.

He says the Charlottesville police force had fewer than 150 officers present.

So what?

The National Guard and State Police were there, along with plainclothes officers from the entire state.


All the yellow vest are state police.

Note the MRAP and the state police SWAT officer.

Now the filmmaker is continuing with his lie that only Charlottesville cops were on the scene.


This photo was taken minutes after the attack.

The cops were present, but they were ordered to not intervene.


They had enough officers (black) to surround the park and keep the demonstrators apart.

They chose to not do it.

The filmmaker is consistently using footage taken AFTER THE CAR ATTACK.

This video is utterly dishonest.

Remember the militia?

This is the moment when they told the demonstrators that they had to pull back.

The cops had allowed ARMED ANTIFA to attack the demonstrators; you can see a guy with a helmet, forearm armor, and a club in the background.

The militia told the protestors that because the cops had allowed the situation to get out of hand, people were going to get killed.

If the militia stayed, they would have to shoot people. That's the fault of the cops.

Finally, the TOTALLY UNROADWORTHY CAR drove past cops who did nothing to stop it.

That car was ILLEGAL TO DRIVE in that condition, but the cops just watched it.

Antifa told the cops, "THAT'S THE GUY WHO RAMMED US! STOP HIM!"

And the cops did nothing.

Terry McAuliffe engineered EXACTLY what happened.

He wanted people to get killed so that Trump would be blamed.

It's not a conspiracy theory that the cops in Charlottesville stood down for political reasons.

It's reality.



I've been in and seen a few riots unfold in different countries and as one of my Pakistani acquaintances with me at one in France said, these European riot police are one is dead yet!
There definitely was a standown and what bothered me on the video was the filmmaker kept saying they were inexperienced. They don't just hand out riot gear to police and tell them have at it boys. There is a lot of intensive training involved and it works. This is a leadership failure.

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