Shep Smith and Andrew Napolitano, another two idiots who say things that never happen, make it sound like Trump committed High crimes and misdemeanors.🤣🤣🤣 they will know more when speaker Pelosi makes her announcement, so they say.🤣🤣🤣 imagine pinning your hopes on that.

Now Judge Nap says maybe Trump used "code words" in his phone Conversation (rolls eyes)


Creepy Joe is on now...and.....not taking questions.

He’s done and he knows it.

Later, Shep. Will check in next year to see how your aging face is holding up under all that pancake.

Damn....have to stick around. President is going to speak in 3 minutes.

the nevertrump media are losing their damn minds today. moreso than usual. they'll be setting themselves on fire soon

If Joe Biden thinks he is getting out of this Ukraine mess he is in , he is delusional . Biden has the media including FOX behind him buying some time as soon as the sympathy for Biden grows he is going to be hit with the China issues and the pattern of corruption will be established and the Democrat Party will be forced to change their course in pushing impeachment of POTUS

"President Trump ... I have authorized the release tomorrow of the complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript of my phone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine.

Democrats - OH SHIT!

Catturd ... FISH ON!"

EWTN News Nightly Tweeted

“We in believe that every child, born and unborn, is a sacred gift from ” --
speaks out against attempts by the
to assert a global right to taxpayer funded .

After the U.S.-backed coup that ousted the pro-Russian govt in Kiev, & after Joe Biden had been given the lead on foreign aid for Ukraine, Burisma had installed on its board, at $50,000 a MONTH, Hunter Biden, the son of the VP.

@IndiaMaria @watch4thedrop @Cdubois @HunDriverWidow @wziminer

Either China is the most inept manufacturing country in the world or their 'mistakes' that put poisons of one kind or another in products made for distribution to us, aren't really mistakes.

@Baline @ThomasWic @captwfcall i just can't fathom how smart, clever, and aware of human nature, he is. He knows what bait to use, and how to set traps, and he has such a great read on people, almost instantly. His energy, work ethic, and strategizing,and competence, makes a mockery of most every other president.


With every . Single . Move
the Dems make, they are further destroying their party.

Who, in their right mind, wants to be aligned with these maniacs?? No one.

People are leaving in droves. And the answer is not so much "Republicans/GOP" as it is "American Patriotic Conservative."

Praise God, and I pray for His continued guidance and protection. Amen. 🇺🇲

Interesting article from Dec 8, 2015 showing Biden trying to engage in plausible deniability about his and his son's activity in Ukraine.

Note that the UK SFO had Burisma in their sights. We are starting to understand why Obama, Clinton & their goons tried so desperately to bring Trump down in 2015 and then after the inauguration.

Unfortunately for them, they were dealing with a genius who is way above them, in every way.

@chip @Baline @ThomasWic @captwfcall
Trump has what I call "the Human Map"
He's watched & evaluated people his entire life.
This would help him know HIMSELF & others on a far deeper level than his vain, vapid & grasping opponents.
Trump, simply put, isn't a "Thief of Hearts or Dreams"
He's a superior Tradesman who requires agreement & equity.
Those on the Left want wealth & power they haven't EARNED.
They'll NEVER figure Trump out.

That tweet is Trump blowing her off. Her rant in the UN pretty much exposed her as lacking character. Trump must have seen an opening there, looking to irritate her.

We know how this works now.

Trump's tweet is bait. He KNOWS this girl is a total fraud and also, who is behind her theatrics.

For example, noticed that there's no actual proof that this 'Greta' is really 16? Notice that she is never at school? Have you noticed how articulate she is (even in a 2nd language) for such a young person?

Trump has set the bait. It is focussing attention on 'Greta'.

Let's see what happens next.

Nancy Pelosi will convene the Democratic caucus at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time tomorrow to discuss whether to impeach President Trump.

The new development comes in the wake of reports late last week that President Trump encouraged Ukrainian officials to re-open inquiries into the business dealings of former president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Impeaching President Trump is suicide and I hope they go through with it.

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