I appreciate the attributes of men. Physical strength: When they hold the door open for me, because my wrists are delicate and doors are often heavy.

Mental strength: Logic, honesty. I'd rather hear the truth. Even if it hurts it's meant for my good.
On the other side of that coin is dependability.
They will come to our physical and spiritual rescue in a heartbeat.
I appreciate that.

I just want you to know, because you are maligned/abused so often, you are loved and appreciated as well.

@Dollcakes24 Thank you Dollcakes! You make me want to be a better man. (Jack Nicholson, some movie)


I respect all women immensely and recognize that we need each other to make society successful and families. There is so much that women can do that men just can't. We need each other. Together, so much can be accomplished, even the creation of a human life! An amazing power/gift.

I grew up in a predominantly male household. My father and brothers were always gentlemen around me. I was lucky.
I enjoy men’s humor and their often unique outlook on life.
Let men be men and for petes sake, don’t make them carry your purse around, carry it yourself. Lol! Sorry- pet peeve.

@Dollcakes24 just this morning I was doing grocery shopping and ran into a woman who....lacked your perspective. Thank you.


How can he even call himself a republican? He's riding the wave for personal political gain...a useless emotional gnat.

@Dollcakes24 I love how my husband protects me and takes care of me and I love to cook for him and do things for him. The man-hating feminists, who get angry when men open doors for them, are the most pitiful and miserable creatures, who have no idea what love is.


Same sentiments here. Loved being taken care of by my son and husband. These noisy femnazis drown our voices. 😄


Thank you. I have known very, very few men and I am kinda old. But no matter how old a woman is, she knows a real man when she sees one. These are all on the list.


@Dollcakes24 Are you listening @Scarletteverb ?? I know you already know this. I just wanted you to read it out loud ❤️

@Dollcakes24 I couldn't agree more. I embrace my divine feminine and appreciate and respect the divine masculine. Far too long, men have been emasculated in the name of equality.💜


We agree on the appreciation of men though I'm not so sure about the rest. That's okay, we don't have to. I appreciate your input. 💗

@Dollcakes24 Thank you it's good to connect, agree and disagree. LOL That's what I love about this platform. Healthy exchange.Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.💜💫

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