Tom Steyer rockin' the mom jeans and sibilant lisp

The "Squad" sounded like a Yoko Ono tribute band concert
A lot of screechin', wailin', not a whole lotta sense!

You just dignified it with an answer you numbskull

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a meeting with TV anchors prior to the State of the Union, Feb. 5, 2019.

I wonder how the Law and Order: SVU version of the Epstein case is proceeding?

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OTD in 1967, Singer Bobbie Gentry records “Ode to Billie Joe,” – which will become a country music classic and win 4 Grammys...

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Reason why Epstein has been caught is ultimately Trump's policy of going back to law & order
Those trying to tie POTUS to the scumbag fail to think logically on how was Epstein able to get away with it for so long
Who protected him?
Where were FBI & DOJ from 2005 to 2017?
Likes of Alyssa Milano shriek "This is Trump's buddy" & engage in hopeless "Now Trump is going down!" unable to see the ones going down are the vile perverts, Weinstein, Spacey, Epstein...
Others will follow, just sit and watch

@Momma_Voke I read the twitterfeed but it didn't mention if she's the daughter of Prince Bander. He was always on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews.
I remember him because of his using the exclamation "BULLSHIT!" to Matthews in regard to SA complicity with 9/11

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‏Verified account
Alec Baldwin can appear on network television every week and make fun of President Trump. No problem.
An 8 year old girl appears on the internet making fun of AOC and liberals have silenced her, by threatening to kill her

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Oh, anyone else notice in over an hour at the podium, Trump did not reference himself once? He didn't.
Obama couldn't pull that off in a 5 second sound bite.

My commentary on "Salute To America":
USMC Drill Instructor addressing recruits "Stop looking down at the ground for your momma's tit and look straight ahead like you have some pride in yourself for once!"
I remember that Drill Instructor's name, won't ever forget it. Having pride is a good thing. Being prideful is not.
It was nice to hear an uplifting message from a President, not scolding.

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In case anyone was worried, I just saw the entire US Secret Service Counter Assault Team file out of the Lincoln Memorial.

One agent walked in parallel to POTUS and FLOTUS until they were out of sight.

All were equipped for combat, with rifles, pistols, vests, helmets, and grenades.

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This welding truck in OK had this Wyoming Sticker on the arc welding machine:

We don't give a F***
How you did it back home

"Maximum Imperator" Trump was INVITED to cross the DMZ.
You guys thought I was kidding, din't ya?

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Shower and remembering something better off forgotten.
Sometimes the thing that gets me out of the spiral is odd. One of the things that reminds me I need to be grateful for the good is this song.
Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac were huge at the time of this song. They were bigger than the Beatles or the Stones at the time. But you listen to the song and he is really down. He literally had everything anyone could dream of, and was completely depressed.

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