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Why does Adam Schiff always look like he’d rather be performing fellatio?

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Have any of you heard they’re changing the name of the Washington Redskins to the
Washington Foreskins?

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In 1880, Mary Hardy had given birth to a son named Douglas. He followed in his father’s footsteps, leading American forces in the Pacific in World War II and turning the tide of the Korean War. The “American Caesar” is one of America’s lasting icons and one of history’s most notable generals.

Had the young Major MacAthur perished from his severe wounds in the Battle of Franklin, then America would have never known his son Douglas. How different would our history have been?

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Right on schedule. Ann Coulter farts in the living room to remind everyone she’s present.

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@karnage @Dogstar_K9 at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sullivan try to make a citizen's arrest.


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IranWire | Exclusive: Iran Agrees to be China's Client State for the Next 25 Years

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Bingo. My Ex has those eyes - guilt, fear you will see the real them, …
My ex also went to school to be a head shrinker and even admitted she did to try to figure herself out. She flunked out.

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Trumps Niece Mary. She is a psychiatrist. Now look at those eyes and tell me what you see?

Dear Anti-Cancel Culture Letter Writers,

Life’s a bitch when you ain’t at the cool kid’s table, is it.
Bugger off.


What do you get when you remove a penis and some melanin from Danica Patrick?
Bubba Wallace

Obama’s solar tech friends made tons raping the American publics with a wink and a smile.
Pharma big and small driving big $$$ into the economy as a partner with Uncle Sam looking to defeat China Flu.

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What an embarrassment to the Queen this soyboy twit is. He apparently doesn't know the history and purpose of the Commonwealth.

Prince Harry risks angering Queen by saying Commonwealth 'must acknowledge past wrongs' even if it's 'uncomfortable' in apparent criticism of British Empire during call with Meghan to young leaders

Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, joined young leaders in video call

NYT continuing role as cheerleader for despots
Walter Duranty, would certainly be proud

The best part about using songs like “Born In The USA” or “Rockin’ In The Free World” or phrases such as “Red Pilled” is they are diametrically opposed to the writer’s intentions.
We control the language now. And it’s a glorious thing!

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