As an aside the "gun control" debate, I haven't notice any firearm regulations being loosened with the drop in crime.

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@Dogstar_K9 Not only that, he had a real estate deal that he beat him on a long time ago.

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Does Trudeau Get A Brownface Free Pass? Despite his sins, Trudeau will not suffer unduly. Read more...

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@ThomasWic @Aanvals_Kanon
The Germans & Japanese had no idea who WE were either.
Now we have these embubbled Alinsky-ites living IN AMERICA who have not a clue.

But they'll learn. LATE & to their cost, they'll learn it in their Bones.

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Meanwhile in Ohio:

Two Amish men caught drinking while driving buggy flee Ohio deputies

Nothing to see here, really. Just a wild and crazy Rumspringa!

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@Dogstar_K9 @ThomasWic @athena12

People working in labs with Cynomolgus and Rhesus can get Herpes B from their saliva.

If you are scratched, you go on anti-retrovirals just in case. One unreported scrape, and it can be lights out.

In 1989 I got into the business, and we were warned about a death at IRDC in Kalamazoo.

If this doesn't make you pay attention in the lab, nothing will.

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From 3Days3Nights on Twitter:

Too funny not to post....

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I believe the Autism rise is the fact they changed the criteria and are diagnosing many more children with variances/levels of it.

Since my mother was a nurse and there were eight of us, we were given flu shots long before it was a trend. I honestly believe that is why I don't get it, even when the hubby has brought it home from work continuously.


little back story on this one ...
A girl I dated WAYYYYY back in the day, '80, maybe '81, she had the most eclectic taste in music, the band Love, Pink Floyd's "Obscured By The Clouds" album, Bill Chinnock

Anyway, Love's "Alone Again Or" had that mariachi horn part that was a 30+ year ear worm on me. I couldn't tell you how I rediscovered this one but the brass


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@DuaneCates @redwhitebluedude

I've never once in my life interrogated a person about their politics.

All my doctors and their staff EXCEPT ONE are obsessed with politics. They think I'm a Bernie Bro.

When they start yapping about Trump, they get hysterical.

I have no doubt that they'd give me substandard care if they knew I support Trump.

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Lucky break by Jason Bantle

A raccoon pokes her face out of a 1970s Ford Pinto on a deserted farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. In the back seat, her five playful kits trill with excitement. It was a sentiment shared by Jason, waiting silently in a nearby hide, who had been hoping for this chance every summer for several years.

The gap was blunt‑edged but too narrow a fit for coyote (primary predator of raccoons in the area), making this an ideal place to raise a family.

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PERSONALLY, I'm absolutely sickened by the Lebanese closing ranks behind Hezbollah.

But my disgust doesn't change reality.

The Saudis have to tread carefully.

I'm sure they'll work out the best solution.

They've earned my faith in them.


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@oystergirl @Jaime @lolajl

1. The insulins are tougher. Because of the nature of medication(complicated biochemistry stuff i'm not gonna bore you with 😄 ) it is virtually impossible to make a generic that is bioequivalent. This is why they are one of the only frequently used class of meds that haven't seen a generic. What they are doing instead is making different brand name formulations that are biosimilar. Unfortunately, for these formulations, they

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People talk about "Medicare for All" as if it was free health insurance.

The monthly premium is $135, the Part B deductible is $185, and they only pay 80% of your doctor bills.

On top of that, if you're hospitalized, the inpatient deductible is $1364.

Not so free after all.

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