@ThomasWic And polling low would make his base fired up to prove it all wrong. I see it!

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic I just “accidentally “ stepped really hard on the foot of the Chinese guy trying to squeeze past me. It worked too.

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In order to prove that we're not racist, we all have to DIE.

We have to welcome Chinese with open arms, despite the fact that their government is LYING about the extent of how far this new virus has spread.

To take any defensive actions would be racist and immoral.

The only way to prove that we're not racist is to face our own infection and death.

I’m sorry. I just found out this wasn’t true at all. Initially I thought it was a joke and then I was misled by the official looking document. I don’t know what’s going on. I guess it’s just Twitter as usual.

Even Tulsi is scared of being “Arkanicided”....

Kawahine Koa - Text EMPOWER to 88022 (@KamVTV)
1/22/20, 10:46 AM
In Tulsi Gabbards lawsuit against Hillary Clinton she made it very clear she has no thoughts of suicide.

@MistyNan But didn’t Nancy say, “Oh they’re just students!” ?

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AG Barr refuses to prosecute Bryan Paarmann, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s international operations division who leaked sensitive information over the course of hundreds of communications with at least six reporters & got great gifts..It's unbelievable what is happening! twitter.com/feingold32/status/

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John Kerry is missing.

RBG cured of cancer for the 50th time.

Obama quiet as a church mouse.

New photos of Bill the rapist Clinton show up on Lolita Express.

WW3 Cancelled.
And it’s just January 9th.

9:38 PM · Jan 8, 2020

@MarcusJ65 I truly will. I just know he will pull through this and be all well again. 🙏🏻♥️

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NYT proves once again that Fake News is truly the enemy of the people.

This outlet is literally going the distance in describing Iran-backed militia members/supporters who attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as "mourners" & "protesters".

Shame on NYT!

@Debradelai They’re disgusting, seditious traitors and here’s what gets me. They are our employees. Why are they still employed???

@REX ...Vassar class of ‘77: Chip Reid- one time CBS Chief White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl, ‘90, Pres. of White House Correspondents Assoc. & ABC News Chief White House Correspondent. Jeffrey Goldstein, ‘77, Under Sec of Treasury for Domestic Finance under Obama. Rick Lazio, ‘80, NY Congressman & VP w/ JP Morgan/Chase, Michael Wolff ‘75, author of “Fire and Fury”. Edward Baumgartner and Peter Fritsch - ‘95 - Fusion GPS anyone? Of course Nellie Ohr was Ed’s Russian professor.

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