I’m trying not to be mean. But this get up doesn’t do Mrs. Obummer any favors. She has no waist so why are they jumping through “hoops” to fake some? Boy are they hard at it desperately trying to glorify and glamorize “them”. It’s completely laughable. Melania, however, is effortlessly gorgeous. But we all have to pretend she doesn’t exist. It’s insane!

It's like she has no shape. Nothing like the sketch.

Looks like she's wearing a rotten banana adorned with chains.

Omg! She seriously looks hideous. Maybe she is a man after all.

@Jaime LOL! We are not supposed to say that. The spouse of Obummer is the most glorious creature to have ever walked the earth - dontcha know?

It’s true. The designer must be as dumb as her. He created it and dopey wore it. No mirrors.

@Divnanata I don't care for the woman, but that dress is so ugly on her. Makes her look fat.

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