Does anyone where @ThomasWic is?

I hope he’s alright and sure miss his posts.

@REX Easier to hide/disclaim/misdirect murders of civilians and others on that list then hide US military peps being captured/killed at the airport on live camera. They’ll claim those on the list “wanted to stay” or “ignored our warnings.” “It’s on them, not our fault” and Pravda (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN et al) will toe the line. I bet the side agreement with Taliban/ISIS-K that they wouldn’t vidio these people being tortured and murdered. They’ll just disappear.

OK. Kath and I used to start Friday night threads for Quod Disco Dance nights.

I want to dance tonight. So fuck it, am doing it. Prince. I wanted deep penetrating guitar and percussion. Let's rock!

What makes you get up and move?😁 ❤️

Just took in this sweetheart.

He’s been coming around for dinner for months. His leg has been getting worse and we were finally able to get him in a crate and to the vet for an overhaul.

Found out that neighbors up the street just tossed him out like yesterday’s garbage😔.

He has a bacterial/ yeast infection in his ears, eye infection, leg infection and feline AIDS.

The vet didn’t even have to sedate him to clean his wounds. That’s how sweet he is.

He now has a loving home with us❤️

This young man just blows me away. Can we replace McDaniel with him? Action, not words.

@Dick_and_Bailey @Sydneykaye01

Well, Sydney asked how one can reason with people like her friend.

I was simply going to say that you can't. There is a point where a door is opened. Some people call that "being red-pilled".

If you can catch them at or just after that point, you might be able to sneak in digestible bites.

I'm afraid your friend isn't even in denial, they've got her full buy-in. This is evidenced by her reference to John Lewis marching with MLK.

She soaked it all in.

@robbystarbuck: "I don’t care if you hate @mattgaetz and @mtgreenee with the fire of 1,000 suns — you’re the bad guy if you don’t believe your opponents should have the right to assemble with their supporters. This is an American value. @MayorHarrySidhu is a coward and should be ashamed.

(H/T @pnjaban RT )

@Rooibos @watch4thedrop @rarity @Sydneykaye01 @RoseSchellin @redwhitebluedude @Dick_and_Bailey @DuaneCates
Never forget! We couldn’t see or hug a loved one who almost died in the hospital of a heart attack. Zoom was all we had. 1 month he was in the freaking hospital.

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