@Dgpurser @EngOnDemand did you see this quote? Sounds exactly like what you were describing!

God Bless Him! May the Lord’s will be done. Bring. It. On.

I am so pleased to finally meet one of the greatest reporters of all time - Carl Kolchak! Any new monsters we need to know about, other than demoncrats?


All the monsters work for the same devil - the one from hell.


Anxiously awaiting General Flynn’s long-deserved dagger delivery to the heart of the Deep State.

Perfect job for him? Mothballing the FBI and CIA, for starters.

@JD2 I found this on Telegram. I've been told he is also on CloutHub.

@Dgpurser This comes from a post on CloutHub where he links to a post from Tracy Beanz. He’s just quoting from her post.



Thank you Don. I remember you from Twatter. I deactivated - and THEN- they suspended me. Haha!

God bless.


Glad to see you Don. Looking forward to your toots.😁


I did, on black Friday, January 6th. It feels like ancient history now. HA


Bummer...although I'm actually glad for myself. The feeling of having the oppression lifted is great!!

@Mongo3804 Everybody I've talked to that got booted that day got the same song and dance.

@Dgpurser @Mongo3804

I'm sure I was one of the few who got to see it happen over a five minute period. Watched as my follow count went from 2800 down to absolute zero over that span of time.

But somewhere on an NSA server is all of my history and threads that will undoubtedly be re-opened once this societal malaise has passed.

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