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My World spins a little slower. Here at the homestead used a Low-Tech rust removal system. 1939 Ford brakes immersed in 6 gallons of white vinegar in a Rubbermaid container for two weeks. Before and rinsed with a hose afterwards.

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@Dgpurser I read someone saying that the "real" Biden admin president is Susan Rice - if that's true it explains why he's making such dumb-ass decisions... but none of them are the sharpest crayons in the box - even if it's Obama. His arrogance makes him stupid.

Trump should start having rallies again - all across the USA.

What would Democrats do?

I guarantee you that no one in Congress needs to buy laxatives.

Proof? I give you Impeachment 2.0.

What Biden doesn't realize is that the more he undoes what Trump did while in office, the faster that all the metrics used to measure a president's performance will crash.

Biden is signing his own doom into action! He isn't making these decisions and even if he was, he isn't smart enough to understand that he isn't just chipping away but he's blowing up the foundation Trump built while in office. Once the foundation is gone, Biden (or his handlers) will be unable to build it back or fake it.

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The Presidency is fake.

The damage is real.

Real people will be harmed.

We can’t reason that away.

Reason doesn’t apply here.

There is Biden.

There is NO President Biden.

He will never be president.

He will always be a cheat, a thief, a criminal, who has constantly used his position and power to enrich himself and his family, with no regard for the American people.

He is the lowest of the low!!

A common thief and liar.

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@corychiarelli @Dgpurser

He STILL should be able to have free speech and let the chips fall where they may with him. I think he’s entertaining and most of all intelligent!

They have already pulled that lever. Their downfall is coming.

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@GmanFan45 @Dgpurser

I have not watched the MSM since 1994 when FNC was created.

I quit watching FNC about 2 years ago.

Connoisseur of Citizen Journalism.

Lin Wood is a very successful lawyer, extremely well connected, a multi-multi millionaire. But because of his faith, his free speech, and his political choices, they are trying everything they can to destroy, defame, and silence him.

If they can do it to him, think what they can do to you and me.

Give a listen:

This document on Wikileaks was produced by General Lloyd Austin, the guy that Biden made his Sec of Defense. I wonder what kind of cut the "big guy" gets?

And now we have troops back in Syria.

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