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8. And they will fall because the Democratic Crime Syndicate panicked in the early hours of Nov 4.


And I don't mean in a Jeffrey Epstein way, either.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of Parnell/Kelly, it will be extra sweet because the Dems will have been hoisted on their own petards.

And if PA falls, no amount of liberal tears will prevent the unraveling of this horrific crime, that will surely follow.

And what a wonderful way to end 2020 that will be.

The end.

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Patience grasshopper.
The shot heard around the world is yet to come.
Soon enough, the sleeping giant will awaken. Be ready!

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Biden Won! Here’s What You Need to Know...

(Lighten up, folks! It’s SATIRE by @AwakenWithJP)

In case you missed Sydney Powell calling out the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD and every other alphabet agency ripe with deep state operatives as well as politicians, past and present.
Here you go!

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Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) Tweeted:

PA's official election website has *deleted* links to its open voting database.

Unfortunately for them, some people have obtained the state's data.

Such as Edward Solomon. He has found *disturbing* signs of statistically impossible patterns. Watch📢🔻

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