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Never Trumper Lindsey Graham is going to do nothing bc he's the swamp.

Then you got mad, you said that I'm all bad

So what's the use, you lied and that's the truth

You took the key and drove right out on me

I never knew, put all my trust in you

OK that's it, I'm leaving now, I quit

I was unwise, so don't apologize

I paid the price, for taking your advice

What a Wonderful Time to be alive. The Left’s Identity Politics and labeling those who disagree with them as RACISTS is turning inward. Biden & Pelosi are now victims of there own Tactics.

This!! ! Hilarious Thread Brian 😂😂😜
Did AOC just call Pelosi **a racist?!**
Why, yes.
Yes she did!


Sorry to read about your experience with Gab.

You handled it like a pro. 😎

Scott Taylor has announced that he is going to challenge Mark Warner for Virginia Senate.

Woo Hoo...


You bet.

Trump is the first president to say, "I have total confidence in YOUR ability to succeed."

So the Democrats turn around and say, "We have no confidence in you. We still consider you slaves."

Which message is resonating?

The Judas goats are pushing the democrats into going as far as they always dreamed.

"We just weren't leftist enough," Democrats always said after losing.

So they're "swinging for the fences," as AOC said.

You all see this?

Evidence mounting that the Ukrainian 'black ledger' detailing Manafort's dodgy work was a FAKE.

Many of us have suspected for 2 years + that Manafort was a plant in the Trump team & if true, this latest revelation also implicates Andrea Chalupa/DNC/US Ukrainian Embassy & Ukrainian government.

STUNNING (but I wish they'd get on with it):

Here's my new article, everyone.

Obama & Co LOVED the mullahs. There's something extremely weird about that Iran deal. Even if you accept that Obama saw Iran as a wedge against Israel, Obama's sheer desperation to give the mullahs what they wanted STILL makes no sense.

Anyway, PapaD got himself caught up in something way bigger than be could have ever imagined.

Hope you find it interesting! Maybe even PapaD will read it.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

"Breaking: a rocket was launched 10 minutes ago possibly toward the U.S embassy in Baghdad. Launch location the Amana bridge in Baghdad. Blast was loud and us embassy warning all to take cover."

Those of you who were suspended on Twitter or Facebook can list yourselves in a new White House website.

This is for information gathering only.

Do not expect a reply.

Help the WH assess the problem.

(14) Now you know why I blocked Joe, who I otherwise enjoyed, and why this brand of bigotry will not be tolerated at QuodVerum.

Enabling terrorism is not acceptable, whether the moron doing it is aware of it or not.

For the upteenth time, we have zero tolerance for bigotry of any kind.

One of the 24 accounts I deleted was an old friend of mine from Spain.

If you want to "rail against the Muzzies" save us all some time and go back to 8chan or wherever the nutcases may gather this week.


@Debradelai Just had a conversation with a store owner from Pakistan who is a Muslim saying how his sister, who settled in Manchester, UK wished she had come to the US with him instead. The existing community cannot STAND the resettled refugees and crime and strife has risen significantly. He said, " I wish she had come here to the US where everyone is so friendly and gets along..." THIS is the true Muslim that most people know. Get out and talk to people and it is amazing what you find out.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.