Yesterday, a lockdown protestor was assaulted in my home town.
Simply uttering words was enough to set off a Covid Cult member.
As is often stated on this site by people much smarter than I, (to paraphrase) cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.
Any perceived threat to their media indoctrinated beliefs, and they snap. They snap to the point of committing violent acts... Because people simply raise questions about government overreach...
Sad world, man.

For some further reading on just what furin is and how the discovery that the virus has a unique spike that cleaves to it, points to it possibly being a lab creation, read this article:
It also points out how more than just the Chinese Gov. may be involved.

Tucker gives a scary picture of what is happening in Canada right now. They're imprisoning their own citizens and making them pay for their quarantine rooms, 1,000's of dollars.

Tens of millions of dollars had been laundered thru more than a dozen companies tied to Hunter/James Biden & CEFC’s Ye Juanming, enough evidence to put the Bidens in jail if there’s equal justice in America.

Yesterday CNN ran a bullshit article, as CNN is given to doing, on the Durham investigation. "The Leaks are real, the News is fake" goes the saying and CNN proved that, yet again.

Some folks let that CNN article upset them. I did not. I'm not the sharpest tool in the drawer, but I ain't so dull that I can't cut through the mushy trash CNN secretes.

The ever resourceful and interesting Techno Fog today has sliced up and disposed of that trash article with this piece

McConnell said: There would be bipartisan support for a serious, targeted infrastructure plan. Unfortunately, less than 6% of this massive White House proposal would go to roads and bridges. It would spend more on electric cars than on roads, bridges, ports, airports, and waterways combined.

This Noble Lion is preparing to come back out of the Shadows as his Forces continue to **shape** the American Landscape to prevent nightmares from unfolding as the Corporate Fascist/State Marriage is nullified & OUR Republic is recovered.
Without a dozen BESLANS or Moscow Theater Sieges.
Which is now problematic since Biden's Puppet Masters have thrown our Borders WIDE OPEN to foment as much chaos on our streets as possible.
Place your trust in the US Military.
I do.

I can do whatever I need to do.

It's going to be a massive relief when my family's crap is finally gone from my life.

But I'm not blocking them out. I'm keeping mementos of all of them.

My Vegas brother is trying to erase the first 55 years of his life.

A fool's errand.

I'm at peace with all of it.

In fact I find it funny that I end up in my parents' house.

For now. Who knows what the future will bring?

I know one thing:

The best is yet to come.



They're all collectors too.

I collect old photos and postcards, books, and DVDs.

I used to collect old model kits, but not anymore.


Because they have beautiful box-top art, I'm going to put them on my bookshelves, in view.

They'll become decorations.

A FUNCTIONAL collection.

Pathological collecting and hoarding stem from deep insecurity.

I'm not insecure. Good lord, I went into the heart of downtown Los Angeles TWICE in the past two weeks, despite being a hermit.

Ha! And she just said...

"Dominion just had to add on a new firm and multiple lawyers after we filed our answer!"

Bravo Sidney.

Every single member of my family is a hoarder.

I'll list their obsessions:

Mother: newspapers, empty notebooks, and photos of strangers.

Father: wood, thermometers, and notepads.

Oldest brother: magazines, newspapers, magazines, and vacuum-clear parts.

Older brother: textbooks,cereal boxes,and bicycle parts.

Sister: pens, pencils, blank diaries, blank scrapbooks, knitting needles, yarn, rags.

Younger brother: acoustic guitar parts.

Youngest brother: plastic water bottles, felt-tip pens.

She's a rabid leftist who votes for open borders.

I've spoken to her five times in our lives, and she always does a decades' worth of talking in those brief encounters.

I was daring God to hit me with something else.

As far as I know, God didn't make it a trifecta.

In reality, God had nothing to do with it, but sometimes you feel like you have a target tattooed on your whole face.


At least I'm not a hoarder.

Today there've been THREE hoarder stories on the radio.

So I went in and out by way of the car ramps.

Big signs told me I couldn't, but like everybody else in Los Angeles, I ignored the rules.

Hopefully now I can stay home for a while.

Yesterday was GREAT!

I've been having horrendous nightmares that make me exhausted all day.

Yesterday my accidentally adopted son had another unforeseen medical bill, and then the neighbor pounded on my door to bitch about non-white people.


Back to the IRS in downtown LA.

They swear that I've fixed all my problems.

I chose a closer garage. At THIS one, homeless people were camped beside the elevators.

They were all doing this:

Megan Wolfe lied to the Wisconsin Election Commissioners on the involvement of the Zuckerberg funded Vote at Home Institute.

Rudy Giuliani's team is still collecting and analyzing information related to Dominion's roll in the 2020 election. Sidney Powell is still in the fight too. I don't think they'd still be fighting this hard if they knew it was all in vain...they're not idiots!

Rudy gives a 28-minute status update in Common Sense episode 87:

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