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Trump beat a household name given a 98 percent chance of winning.

He was an unknown quantity at the time.

Now he's running against nonentities, and he's got a massive string of successes behind him.

The Democrats and the press have overreached and now live in the land of total madness. They're not sweet talking. They're raving.

Of course Trump will win.

In a landslide.



As I've explained to my feline numerous times, jibberish from walking back and forth on the keyboard is NOT toot-worthy.

I saw people, white people, feeding food to their sinks! How elitists can white people be?

I jest but, with AOC, it may not be too far off the mark.

Ocasio-Cortez on discovering garbage disposals: ‘It is terrifying’

We're getting bad information.

The Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) is not US Air Force.

It's made up of people from the State Department, Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, FBI, and other departments such as Energy, if required.

The Boeing C-32 is a military passenger jet. It's just a Boeing Boeing 757-200.



Baseball player Tyler Skaggs #45 of the Anaheim Angels died yesterday.

@DeplorableAynNY Ewwwww... it's so obvious they hate themselves on the inside... that's why they're so ugly on the outside.

@Cdubois @DeplorableAynNY

When I see these people my heart breaks. I hate to see young people into such a dark spiritual place.

And you are right, they have purposely taken on this persona. They dress and decorate themselves specifically to attract attention and not in a good way.

I pray that somehow they have the blinders taken off their eyes so that they can see the truth about their condition.

Reveal yourself to them Lord...

@Cdubois @inverness01 @DeplorableAynNY

I am an artist, too... but portraits are above my pay grade. Hahaha You go girl.

@Cdubois @DeplorableAynNY good way to put it . I tend to believe some are actually
Just born socially inept and their path takes them to these dark places and then find unity in each other .

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