Larry Elder
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The FBI search of Donald Trump’s private residence has increased the percentage of republicans who want Trump to run to a post-presidency record high. Sources confirm that Rep. Liz Cheney has reached out to the FBI and demanded a raid on her private residence as soon as possible.
😂 😂 😂 😂

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If only we had a candidate for 2024 who has a solid reputation for getting even 10:1.

Wheresomever might we find such a being, so I can get my eyes nice and glazed over and join his cult?

Mysterious ways. The left created Trump. The FBI immortalized him.

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Who is the utter moron that appointed Christopher Wray to FBI Director?!

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Yeah, after all, you could just take it to a laptop repair shop and abandon it.

If there was evidence in my possession that would convict me in a court, what would be my reasons for keeping it?

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This is the price per liter in Reals in Brazil. They actually sell ethanol.


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@DennisCampbel16 that's good news, hopefully all GOP will get out and vote, that's always the problem, maybe people are mad enough about lockdowns etc to care to vote

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Stephen Miller
Aug 6
Per Senate rules, because Manchin Tax Hike is being passed by reconciliation, there is an open-ended unlimited amendment process. GOP needs to make this the longest “vote-a-rama” in history—with amendments on crime, immigration, refugees, inflation, chemical castration, CRT, etc.

That's how slim the Democrats are hanging on by.

Let's Go Brandon!

This is how you nominate a candidate for a Supreme Court.

I know it's only the Florida Supreme Court, but she was nominated based on her merits, not the fact that she happens to be black and from Jamaica.

US Army Special Services Office map of post-war Berlin showing tourist points of interest, 1946.

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Rob Reiner was diagnosed with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump broke him bad. 😂 ☠️ 😂

I was thinking of changing my FB profile pic to this, in honor of the upcoming new health issue that will interfere with the November elections. 😂

Nancy Pelosi has no legitimate reason to go to Taiwan. How many of her family and friends will be joining her on this vaca eerrr diplomatic trip?

What's the over-under on the plane's bar tab?

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