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Now consider the driveline components standing up to that. Not to mention making it transfer all that power to te asphalt without having to run on the rims after a single lap.

We had a Buccaneer Region - SCCA BOD meeting on Wed and a matter of discussion for new business was specifically for EV racing cars on our track near Savannah.


I'm sure the military was a little embarrassed when they realized the it was a new Uber delivery option.

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@DennisCampbel16 Absurd indeed, but at its heart is the age-old cat and mouse game. The military maneuver is called a “probe”; measure response, evaluate “stealth” capabilities, look for vulnerabilities. This whole shit-show has been a watershed of INTEL for the PLA…has nothing to do with a balloon.

Every once in a while the light bulb illuminates and Bill Maher has a moment of clarity.

Bill Maher:
If you're part of today's woke revolution, you need to study the part of revolutions where they spin out of control.

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EVERYTHING in third world shit-holes is done with bartering methods.

They call it the centuries old way of getting business done as a cost of doing business.

Americans call it kickbacks, or in other words Congress.

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Just when you think people cannot get stupider, tackler or crasser...

Along comes someone to prove you wrong.

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He sorta is?
After this is over he will announce the Ronaldo, Penaldo air fryer.😁

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From Shot Show this year (but if you look closely, it says Shit Show) LOL

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@TerriC “Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody in there?”

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@DennisCampbel16 Michael McKean is the only surviving cast member, now. We lost the Big Ragu last year.

McKean is also married to Annette O'Toole.

Lucky bastard.

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@YoungBlood Libertarians are like your weird neighbors who invite you over for beer, and after a while, you think, “They’re not so bad…kind cool actually”…then you see his Star Wars Storm Trooper costume hanging next to her Renfaire outfit. And then this happens.

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Me in the checkout line at Publix when someone starts writing a check for their groceries LOL

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Remember when it was impossible for Trump to go beyond 1.5% increase in GDP? Same shit.

There is NO REASON for the US economy to grow at faster clips. Say, 3.5%. And it's no so difficult.

They are running cover for Biden providing a rationale of inevitability for tepid growth.

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