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In all the years listening to his music, I never knew this...

"Leonard Cohen Invented this Delicious-Sounding Cocktail"

"The Red Needle"
"The drink consists of tequila, cranberry juice, lemon and ice."

😂 🤣 😂

"Climate-Change Porn Is Driving Tourism Across the World"

"For some, the forecasted “climate change catastrophe” has taken a quantifiable toll on their mental health."

"Meanwhile, others are experiencing, you could say, the opposite effect. There is a less reported, climate change-adjacent phenomenon occurring that’s actually causing people to jump into action — not to curb greenhouse gases, protest pipelines or lobby politicians, but to travel."

Is anybody surprised? 😲

"he United States on Aug. 2 formally withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia."

"American officials had warned they would withdraw if Russia didn’t correct alleged infractions of the treaty. Both countries suspended their obligations under the pact on Feb. 2 after discussions on the issue proved fruitless."








"Democrats Are Powerless to Keep Trump From Pointing out How They Have Failed Baltimore"

Kudo's!! 👍


"Thankful to be a part of Choices Pregnancy Care Center’s ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. Their new facility will make an incredible impact on countless lives for generations to come."

Over the years I'd been told "the older you get the more you'll toot!"
i never expected this! 😂 😜

LOL, any Dom Toretto, Fast & Furious fans on QV?

"Today only: Get all 8 Fast & Furious movies on Blu-ray and digital for just $30
Ice up the Corona while you catch up on two decades of Dom Toretto and his crew."

Whew, it's comforting to find out my R22, 4-speed 1987 Toyota Pick-up is no longer on the list 😂

disappointing, but still a fun read 👍

"Most stolen cars: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Hemi Charger top new list
Meanwhile, the BMW 3 Series and two Tesla models are the least stolen cars according to the study's metrics."

Better late than never! 😜

"New robocall rules let FCC crack down on texts and overseas callers
The FCC now has the authority to punish robocallers originating outside the US, as well as, those perpetrating scams via text."

This is not Good! Doxxing coming?

"LAPD data breach exposes personal info of 2,500 officers, report says
The data stolen reportedly included names, emails, dates of birth, partial employee serial numbers and passwords."

This is Good! 👍


"BREAKING: FBI Will Produce Bruce Ohr 302 reports on his contacts with Clinton-DNC-FBI spy Christopher Steele to @JudicialWatch. "

😂 🤣 😂
🇺🇸 🇺🇸

"Rush Limbaugh: We Have this Never-Trumper Problem Which is Like a Fly on an Elephant’s Ass (VIDEO)"

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Ooooh Ouch!

"Baltimore’s Homicide Rate Is So High, Residents Could Claim U.S. Asylum If They Weren’t Americans"

I would be curious to compare this to President Trump's rally last night.

"CNN’s Democrat Primary Debates Draw Abysmal Ratings"

"CNN’s Democrat primary debates Tuesday and Wednesday night attracted just 8.7 million and 10.7 million viewers respectively – numbers that pale in comparison to June’s Democrat primary debates hosted by NBC."

My, these people are dumb. They honestly don't think anyone will find out!! 🤯

"Native American wannabe and political grifter Elizabeth Warren has been caught in yet another campaign lie, this time pertaining to her alleged legal work on behalf of breast implant victims injured by products made by Dow Chemical."

"Despite claiming that she worked on behalf of these victims when she still practiced law privately, Warren actually went to bat for Dow Chemical"

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Great role models! 🤢

"Don't get sick in New York! The Empire State has the worst access to hospitals and the lowest-ranked centers in the country, study finds"

"New York and Maryland tied for first for worst hospital-to-population ratio at one hospital per 100,000 residents"

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