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Benny Johnson on Twitter:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is The Whistleblower’s Attorney:

“Coup Has Started”

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In the past, I have not liked Glenn Beck. I can look past that, and believe his "heart" may have "thawed" a bit towards Trump. I spent the 2 hours to watch this video, and recommend that if you have the time that you should too. Great detail in a clear timeline on the Ukraine corruption.

More leftist, political weaponization of government services....

"Mark Levin on LAPD Chief Boycotting Breitbart News: Sell-Out Reporting to a Marxist Mayor"

But of course, especially if Ms Nancy is to become POTUS

"MSNBC’s Matthews: Shouldn’t Pence Be ‘the Subject of an Impeachment Inquiry as Well?"

Found this interesting, seems some in the GOP were playing in Ukraine right along side their Dem colleagues.....
but then again, it's CNN

"Republican senators echoed Biden in urging Ukrainian president to reform prosecutor general's office"

Considering our current political climate.... I appreciate truth


What Is Sound-Aged Whiskey and Why Is It the Best Thing to Happen to Your Cocktail?

20 years of aging in 30 minutes.
We swear.

Man I miss my Harley's...🤢
Kudo's to these folks

Bikers in Indiana surprised an 8-year-old girl at her lemonade stand after her mother came to the aid of injured bikers following an accident last year.

Another RINO sellout to Big Tech 🤬

Mike Lee Defends His Indian Outsourcing Giveaway from Claimed ‘Fake News’

😂 😂 Too Funny!

Portland Police: 'We Wish There Were Some Kind Of Organized, Armed Force That Could Fight Back Against Antifa'

😂 Everything is better with Bacon!

Study Finds Avoiding Red Meat May Lead To Longer, More Miserable Life

"The study found that by carefully avoiding bacon, carne asada, chicken-fried steak, hamburgers, brisket, tri-tip, tomahawk steak, and filet mignon, you might be able to eke another year or two out of your pointless existence. "

"Of course, then you'll be eating salad, kale, vegetables, fruits, and generally just hating life. So yeah, it's kind of a lose-lose."

Cancelling the "Cancel Culture"!!👍

"Eddie Murphy is the latest comic to take a stand against cancel culture"

"It’s almost like there was this thing where for the last couple years, people had to apologize for saying this and that. It seems like I’m seeing a couple comics going ‘You know what? Enough of this shit. I’m doing my thing and let the chips fall where they may,'” Murphy said.

“That’s where I’m coming from,” he added."

Troubling, to say the least


Average # of deaths per day in US:

Abortion: 2,408
Heart disease: 1,773
Cancer: 1,641
Medical error: 685
Accidents: 401
Stroke: 401
Alzheimer's: 332
Diabetes: 228
Flu: 150
Suicide: 128
Opioids: 115
Drunk driving: 28
Underage drinking: 11
Teen texting-and-driving: 8
All Rifles: 1

Links to sources included in thread

Yes, let's not forget....

Turns out @RepAdamSchiff knew about the so-called “whistleblower complaint” before it was even filed. This fits a trend:

-He met Glenn Simpson in Aspen last summer

-His team prepped Michael Cohen for over 10 hours before that hearing

Record campaign fund raising and record job approval numbers 💥 😂

"As the Ukraine Hoax begins to unravel, President Trump’s job approval rating has jumped to its highest level of the year.
The latest polling from Hill-HarrisX shows that Trump now enjoys a solid 49 percent job approval rating with registered voters. This is a two-point jump since September 11-12"

Things that make my jaw drop!!


"Rep. Rashida Tlaib tells Detroit police chief to hire only black analysts to run facial recognition software because 'non African Americans think all African Americans looks the same' - but he refuses"


"VENTURA, CA, September 30, 2019. Racism, Politics and abuse of power from local district 44 assembly member Jacqui Irwin and Police Chief Tim Hagel with The Thousand Oaks Police Department “Sacks” Co-Ed Flag Football Tournament for Fallen Officer Ron Helus. "

Watch the Fallen Officers video response and download the press release at link below

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