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Gen. Mackenzie (CentCom) says we are working with Taliban and sharing intel!

There is no end to this.

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"These are dark times, unprecedented for any of us who didn’t live through the Second World War. For those of you out there old enough to recall that, I can only apologize on behalf of the subsequent generations. You won the war, and left us the peace. And we blew it...

....Dad didn’t serve under General Patton in the freezing rubble of Stuttgart to watch our Congress persecute citizens bold enough to question our stolen election."


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How many STROKES is this going to cause?




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“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” H.L. Mencken

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I'm confused.....had lunch with my buddy yesterday and he arrived wearing a mask. Later told me he received the two Covid 19 shots. I asked him why then is he wearing a mask (government mandate aside). He said, so he does not infect others.

So, if he is right, he received two shots, can still get the virus and still can infect others with the only perceived benefit being he does not get sick with a 1 % chance of even getting the virus.

That makes no sense to me.

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@redwhitebluedude @Dubby @Debradelai

Biden knew getting a bill passed through even the Dem controlled House and Senate mandating boys be allowed to slaughter girls in girls sports was not going anywhere.

So he has to do this himself. And as time passes and more states sue and more federal courts block him, he's creating organized opposition the kind of which Obama never had to deal with.

So be of good cheer, little flock.

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Globalism is a way of COUNTRIES to dominate.

Who benefits most from globalism?


How do you get ahead when its dog eat dog?

Befriend the strongest kid on the block.

It's a game of nationalist one upmanship, more about class and wealth and personal power than countries.

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President Trump, you are clear to land. Your ass back into the Oval.

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🚨 BREAKING → Every Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee—including the ones from New York—BLOCKED my amendment to require New York to turn over ALL the data on nursing home deaths we now know they've been purposefully hiding.

Why are they STILL covering for Cuomo?

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I don't even have words...
just a cluster of feelings.

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Oh, Crackle Barrel was trending on Twitter.

Apparently, morons are claiming it's racist because there is a "whip" in the logo.

These people are idiots. Hell, more than idiots.

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56 - 44

Consider this a preview.

The Dimms are jumping into the fire with not a prayer they'll succeed.

Morons. They just missed their one chance of a gracious exit.

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The names of the Quislings are in:

Collins, Cassidy, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse and Toomey voted AYE, this trial is a-okey.

Interesting that Bill Cassidy (senator of Louisiana crossed lines, after voting in favor of Rand Paul's question.

What was said or done to make Sen. Cassidy change his mind?

Schoen warned them. It is now on them.

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Ever see the movie Misery?

Right before Kathy Bates breaks James Caan's ankles with a sledgehammer, she says, "It's for the best."

That's what the Time article is.


"To save democracy, we had to destroy it."

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Evidence continues to emerge that the dumbasses attacking and forcing their way into the Capitol building while President Trump was still speaking to the peaceful crowd at the Ellipse...were planning their attack days before January 6 arrived.


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