Heads up!

QuodMeet tonight @ 9:30pm.

Cruises, Trump, Rand Corporation, income "inequality" and more.

Who's going to join the discussion?

Links to follow soon, come in!


But i thought promise made on a cruise trip this past year too.

Not that I'm counting...awkward.

@Eiualumni @Debradelai

@Debradelai @Teneseo @Eiualumni Well, it WAS when the calendar ended. At least the Mayan calendar I got from my doctor's office...

@Josephcdickerson @Debradelai you can still make it to the other 2 hours and 59 minutes of quodmeet 😎


Interviewing a slew of new VN teachers this morning, followed by a lecture to current teachers on VN to EN speech pathology.

Will try as usual to rush home and pop in after if possible. Miss you all.

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